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Love this game! I cant go to the next step in the game because the'Fix It' puzzle freezes and I'm unable to move any of the pieces. 

Any help would be welcome.

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For the 'Fix It' puzzle just click the close button and choose “Stay”. It should unfreeze. 

If it doesn't, you can always skip it. As long as you haven't lost points elsewhere it will not affect your performance in Erik's game. Either way, it is not necessary to win Erik's game to get a good end.



Wow, I'm back from finishing all the three characters. At first, they don't appeal me much, and just like me playing VN, I started romancing my least favorite, the wolf, because I don't really like shy and timid boy in a VN, but, wow, I find him really cute, super cute!! And then I played Mr Bandages, he's a sweetheart (but misunderstood), and I really like him too! I like that they confront each other to be in relationship, I like the unconventional ending (for a VN). And then the last is the Count, his casual clothes blinded me LOL I don't like it, but it was him being him, I guess? And I'm so happy at the end because of you-know-what, I like surprises heheheh. Also, I love the MC! She's strong and has her own opinion, I like her character!! Thank you for creating such MC, because I'm getting tired of dependent MCs (well, I know why people create empty MCs, but...  I never view myself as an MC when playing a VN, so a characterized MC never bothers me.

And I must applaud you for consistent art. Since I first played a VN, whether it is from a independent developer or professional developer, I rarely see the same quality between character sprites and CGs. In this VN, both are drawn beautifully. I love it! The amount of love moments are balanced, not cringey or corny.

Overall, this is a really good VN, and I recommend it!

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Just finished my first playthrough and I love the concept, the art style, the puzzles even though some kinda frustrated me but overall I loved the story of a masquerade. This is a great game and I am for sure definitely gonna try to get the good endings cuz in this first playthrough I got the general ending 👀😅 Anyways I would really recommend this game :D

Edit 2: Just finished the Mr. Wolf route and oh my god he is so precious boi. Must protect the cinnamon roll 💗💞❤️


The game's status is Released, but there seems to be only a demo version...

The first three files are the demo, yes,  but the file without Demo in the name ( is the complete game.

Deleted 5 years ago

I thought Mr Wolf  being shy really suited him, and making him a "bad boy" (not really sure what you mean by that) would completely ruin the plot and he'd likely end up as a jerk like the Bandage Guy. 


Mr. Wolf is so cute. And love how the MC (Emma) loves food. Mr. Bandages is just XD. The Count is so charming. But I love Mr. Wolf over the three of them.


sliding puzzles... the bane of my existence... why T.T


LOL. The hardest part of the game.

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Awwwww!!!!!!!! This is so fucking CUTE!!!!!! I'm going tell you what I think about all three different love interests:

Mr. Wolf (Tyler): I am now in love with another otome character. This one was so fucking sweet.... I honestly squealed... like a pig... anywho it was beautifully written, well made, and excellently designed.

Mr. Bandages: Haven't played this one yet.

Mr. Count: Haven't played this one yet.

Honestly.. I'm still absolutely shook with the ending with The Count. I am blown away. I had to replay his route again just to fully take it all in. Absolutely loved it, fabulous game. (I also love Valentine Otome!)


Um, uh, excuse me. It's shameful of me to ask this but, where's the full game? I only see the files named demo. Is it actually already the full one? Or? Can someone please enlighten me? Thank you.

It's the very last file named "".

Aah, I see. Thank you.

Hey, the demo works great for me on Mac but the full game won't even open/run at all. I'm on Mac Sierra Version 10.12.6 

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Hi, the version uploaded is the version Ren'Py says should work on all 3 systems.  This version has been tested on Mac devices before release but as it is an older game, the Ren'Py version is also quite old. It might be a good idea to post what issues you're facing either here or on the Lemmasoft forums for assistance. 


One thing I did that helped was right click on the renpy app, then say show contents or something like that. Then go into the folder that says Contents, then MacOS then double click on the black version of it. The terminal should pop open and you should be able to run the game. I've had this problem many times, and this way always works.

hi i wanted to ask do think the vday otome will be out this year?

Yep, we're working on a tentative release date of vday this year.

All that's left is for beta testing to wrap up.

Omg im so excited. I LOVED your halloween otome. You just made my birthday omg I'm so looking forward to that thank you.

Amazing game loved it. i just wanted to know what Tygers song was called everything was amazing love it alot

the song is called memories you can find it on youtube thats how i found it   :)

I really enjoyed this game. I am new to and steam. I've been playing otome games on the ipad from the apple store for several months and I admit with the exception of a few games, overall the quality  of visual novels from and steam are far superior.

I was wondering if there was a paypal link to donate to Synokoria. I have been doing this for other free games I enjoyed to help support the developers.

Unfortunately there is no direct paypal link to donate, but you can do so by paying for the Halloween Otome Fan Book which has an optional pay what you want feature.

Thank you for your support!

I feel like a late bloomer for reaching out this cute otome at the end of the year..... The characters is well-written and it also has a fanbook to clarify some missing points and extending readers' imagination ^w^

I've replayed this on Halloween and I really love this one! Its well developed and you did AMAZING!


This game is awesome. I got really sucked into it, and I don't even like visual novels that much... It was funny, intriguing, and even a bit scary at one point. I actually got sad once it came to an end, as if I had really been on a two week trip to this crazy mansion. Now I'm gonna have to play again because I didn't even catch any of the romances!! Grrr.

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! love love love !! all the characters, and the cgs too, were beautiful~ 

I loved this! The characters are so well written I miss them just because I've finished my play throughs! I've never replayed one of these games so quickly but the emotional hold has still got me. I'll be watching for your releases eagerly and well done on a fantastic game :)

love the game so much!! would love to see more good games like this, i keep playing this game lots.

i love this game so much and i cant wait until valentines day otome comes out i hope its this year :D 

I want to contact the developers, I am studying english and I would like to make a spanish translation of this if possible (spanish is my native language) since I really loved it and it would be great if more people can have access to it :)

We're honoured to hear that you enjoyed Halloween Otome enough to want to translate it. We're fully behind bringing Halloween Otome to more people and, as such, you have our permission to do so.

As you've created an account on the Synokoria Forums it may be easier to discuss this further there.

Great! I have no knowledge of programming but I could translate the script in a ms word/text file. Is that ok?

The demo worked great (and was amazing) but the full version gave me a virus when I tried to load the .exe file!!! Totally screwed up my computer.

It's quite common for Ren'Py (and other) games to get flagged as false positives by certain antivirus software. More information on this can be found on the lemmasoft forums (The official Ren'Py support).

We're not really sure what to say about it "screwing up" your computer as the version we've uploaded has tested fine with others.

We have a few questions to determine what could have caused such a thing:

  • How did you download the game?
    • Direct Download from
    • Downloaded via the app
    • The mediafire link
    • Desura (currently defunct)
    • Another location that we are not aware of
  • In what way was your computer "screwed up"?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What antivirus software are you using?
  • What exactly happened when you attempted to run the game?

I downloaded the app directly from

I use Windows 10 and Norton Antivirus. When I tried to open the .exe file after extracting the files in the zip file, it loaded for a long time on my computer. It never opened and it caused my screen to go black and only the cursor and dock was seen. I tried to log out and it would not, I had to manually shut off the computer. When I turned it on again it was extremely slow, Norton Power Eraser did not run correctly and would not close after giving an error. My antivirus was, for the most part, disabled. The virus scans seemed to get stuck on a temp file somewhere.

After giving it a few days, it seems my computer is working as normal. Not sure what happened but my guess is that there was a virus somewhere.

I have the rKill script on my computer somewhere if that would be useful.

Ah, that would be it. Norton is notoriously bad when it comes to flagging anything it hasn't seen as a virus. As seen in below links for games by other developers (including notable ones such as Hanako Games and Cheritz) and the Ren'Py engine itself:

This is the virustotal results of scanning the .exe that is uploaded on ( you can try it for yourself as well ). only 1 out of 60 antivirus engines flags it as possibly malicious and that's actually remarkably good ( You usually expect at least 2-3 for lesser known files).

Based on your description it seems more likely that it was Norton itself had an error that caused it to hang on checking/quarantining the file than that it was a virus. Forcing the shutdown in the middle of Norton's scan would have been what caused Norton to behave strangely afterwards. My guess is that Norton was able to update/repair itself in those days after. As Norton is the only antivirus that seems to have such an issue with t his game (and this is an isolated case), it may be worth reporting to Norton so they can fix it.

Simply put, the PC would not have recovered had it been a virus (most antivirus software is only good at preventing an infection, not clearing it up. They can isolate files but any damage that is already done, is done. It's like slapping a bandaid on a gunshot wound)

Thank you for the concise and clear explanation! That sounds like what happened to my computer. I guess all that's left for me to do is enjoy the full game!


Omg I've played the count ,and Mr. wolf and they are both so good. I can't wait to play Mr. Bandages! Does anyone know if they are still making the Valentine Otome?


Valentines Otome is being worked on - just very slowly. We're both very busy with RL and VO is a monster compared to Halloween Otome. We have been posting updates on our tumblr, lemmasoft threads and our own forum when we reach a milestone such a main route's writing being completed.

Unfortunately, it's still quite a while away from being finished.


Aww you are sweet for replying to me here ,and tumblr. Thank you:) Also your comment will be a good update for other fans.

This is a fun game to play i have it still downloaded and do play it from time to time now ever since i finished all the routes and do kind of remember how to do the puzzles but still overall a great game, loved every bit of it.

Hello, I already played this wonderful game a year ago on my mac and I wanted to play again. I downloaded the file again and tried to open the applicaiton. However, the game did not open. I can open the demo version but not the full game..

Could any of you please help me?

This is kind of late ,but I had issues opening a plethora of games on my mac too, however if your download the app on you mac and download games through that it should work.

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hello, i already have seen this game looks amazing and i wanted to play it but (please dont judge) i dont know how to open the file, if any of you could help me i would be thankful

Hello, which operating system are you using?

After extracting the contents of the zip file you would do one of the following depending on your operating system:

  • On Windows, open the "Halloween Otome.exe" which has an icon of Kippy.
  • On Linux, I believe it's "Halloween".
  • On Mac, there should be a Halloween Otome application.

If the corresponding file is not present after download, please check if your antivirus has not deleted or blocked it as a false positive.

thank you. i have windows so ll try that

hi i just wanted to ask do you think the vday otome will be out on vday?<3

Not this vday, no. There's still quite a long way to go before it's ready for a release.

Most likely it won't get a vday release at all (Halloween Otome released on vday... depending on your timezone). We would rather not hold it back for a special day when it finally reaches completion.

ok thank you and i loved the demo it was great <3

I just finished the demo and came here to see when the full game would be released only to find out that I'd been blind and the full game is already out XD I love it a lot!

We're glad to hear that you found it and enjoyed it :D.

that happend to me to hhahaha i was so ashamed of myself im glad that i wasnit the only one and sorry for typos.:)

When I exrtracted the files, my antivirus (Norton) flagged the game as a virus-has anyone else had this happen when they tried to set up the game?

Some antivirus programs tend to flag Ren'Py games as false positives when they haven't been downloaded enough.

You can check the following links for more information:

OK-Thanks so much for the info!


First of all, sorry for my broken english. But I just need to talk about this VN, really.

I don't know how to start this. Oh god.

It's one month since I finished this game and I still in love like in the first day I played.

I love the MC. She is amazing. She's so different from all the other MCs I have seen, and, not bragging but, I've seen a lot. I would dump all the guys to date her. Kidding. Or not.

At first, I loved Mr. Wolf. It was love at first sight. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. I couldn't get his good ending at first, I got the general one, but i enjoyed. I played again, which is amazing, because I've played so many VNs and I am always lazy to do another route. But Halloween Otome made me want to never finish this game.

I played his and loved so much. I loved him even more.

He's caring, lovely and it's so fun to see his fluestered face. He's my favorite tipe of otome character. I was smiling all the time and so happy I could cry. And he SINGING, dear lord.

Then, I played Mr. Bandages route. He's harsh and rude at first, but in the middle of the general route, I started to love him too. He's so funny. I laughed so much during his route. The end is so lovely. I still don't know if I loved his or Mr. Wolf route more.

THEN, I was like "I like The Count, but I can't see him as a love interest. I don't want to play his route". Two hours and I was dying to play Halloween Otome a little more.

I played The Count's route.


It's my favorite. I love him. THE PLOT TWIST. He's so unique and well writen. It's probably because my english is really bad but I lack the words to express how much I love him. I did a really good choice by playing his path last. In the middle of it, I was thinking that Valdemar was his brother haha.

This is really the best Otome Game ever. Thank you so much for this.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. There's no need to apologise for your English.

We're happy to hear that you loved all of the characters enough to replay the game. If you haven't already, you can always check out the Fan Book for more Halloween Otome goodness.

Easily one of the best free otome games out there. I've played this game through many times and still get a lot of enjoyment each time. The mix of a protagonist who can hold her own, 3 hotties, and mini-games is enough to make this game a winner. My bias is Mr. Count, but I'll always have a sweet spot for Mr. Wolf because I jut can't resist how adorable he is. Can't wait to play more from you guys! >w<

Thank you for those kind words!

We're happy to hear that you enjoyed it.


I've played a handful of free otome games at this point, and so far Halloween Otome is my favorite. I played a few months ago, and I still get all smiley remembering the different paths.

I personally think the best playing order is General path -> Mr. Wolf -> Mr. Bandages -> Mr. Count. Before I started playing I saw a review advising for Mr. Count last (thank you internet stranger!) and I think that really is the best way to go. At one of the earlier hints of the twist (talking to Erik in the kitchen during the midnight snack) my mind completely exploded and I went "OMG" at my partner for the next hour. It's so good because it makes a bunch of weird details from the other paths suddenly fall into place, like why the Count has been strangely silent / absent at the final party.

I originally played Mr. Bandages first after the general path because I expected to like his path the least - I didn't have much experience with tsundere characters and didn't understand how anyone could like someone who seemed like an obnoxious jerk - but I fell *hard* and I still like his ending the best. That letter at the end = <3 <3 <3.

Of the three romantic paths, Mr. Wolf's is a little less exciting but very sweet and adorable. All three of the guys were interesting and their paths were unique and worthwhile.

One of my favorite things about it that I haven't seen mentioned here is playing all the paths really enriches the overall story. Obviously, The Count's path has the huge bombshell. Mr. Bandages' path adds a lot of details about his relationship with Erik. But even smaller details, like hearing about how "some guy in a yellow sweater and hat" got harassed by people while you're visiting the local town (I want to say this was on Mr. Wolf's path, or maybe Mr. Bandages. I might have the details slightly off) are really nice touches.

Also, I loved the overall storyline. I have a weakness for competitions involving puzzles so I was hooked from the beginning.

Thank you for making this!


Thank you for playing!

A lot of people go into it expecting to dislike Mr Bandages and find themselves either pleasantly surprised. We're glad to hear that you're one of the them. It's good to hear that each path felt unique. We tried to make them as unique as we could while keeping the same plot line and chain of events.

The yellow sweater mention is on Mr Wolf's route. If you'd spent the first rest day with Yellow Sweater, Emma does think about him at that point before deciding not to say anything.

If you haven't already, you should checkout the Fan Book for more content.


First of all; I have to confess that I'm still rather new to this Otome genre. After I properly finished my very first Otome game, I just needed to look for other (possibly better) games like that one, and that's how I came across Halloween Otome. Or rather, it was the only one that really caught my attention as soon as I found it. And let me tell you, it was soooooo worth it.

Before I start with my opinion on the different routes, I'd like to point out that the plot was absolutely brilliant and unique in its own way. It's really different to the usual storylines most Otome games tend to follow (I've read quite a few while searching for a game that might catch my interest) and that was probably one of the main reasons why I initially decided to give this game a try. The music was beautiful, and I'd often take a moment to enjoy the different soundtracks while playing. The art as well was just perfect in general. Just like with the music, I often found myself staring at the different "CGs" during special moments because they really made those moments magical.

When I started the game, the first one that caught my attention was Mr. Wolf. He was so adorable and my heart actually melted more times than I could count because of him. However, since I pretty much assumed that he would be my favourite, I chose to start with The Count's route instead.... Only to realise that I had been wrong to think that he (and even Mr. Bandages) probably wouldn't top Mr. Wolf's route. And so at the end of The Count's route, I was sooo wonderfully surprised (and sad that it had ended) that I honestly wondered how the others could be better than that, because I suddenly realised that he (and not Mr. Wolf) was in fact, exactly my "type" – I have a soft spot for the silently suffering type. In the end, I was a little annoyed with myself for actually picking his route first. Hmpf.

Either way, I couldn't get enough of the game, so I moved on to Mr. Wolf's route. If I was initially curious about his route in particular, my curiosity only grew after I finished The Count's route and I started to wonder if his was, if not better, at least as enjoyable as the Count's. And as expected, Mr. Wolf was exactly the cutie pie I imagined him to be, and I melted into a puddle various times. However, his route wasn't exactly the rollercoaster of feels I had hoped to embark on. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had tried his before The Count's, but then again, if I had known the Count would be my favourite, I would have kept him as last.

Finally, I did Mr. Bandage's route. Until then, I wasn't very interested in it because I've never really been one for jerk-types. I expected it to be cute like Mr. Wolf's, but once again, the game took me by surprise. Of the three routes, this one was by far the most hilarious one. I enjoyed it so much. I laughed at my screen quite a few times, enjoying everything, from Kira's (the name I chose for her) and Landon's constant bickering and their witty comebacks to the cuteness overload that resulted from Landon not knowing how to deal with the sudden feelings he has for her (Also, A+ for that moment on/in the lake).

All in all, the game was absolutely amazing and has set the bar really high for the next Otome games I will be/am discovering. Of course, I really wish it had been longer, but then it might as well be the only game I do not mind playing over and over again, simply because it really is that great and was much better than anything I had initially expected. In short (after this terribly long comment), thank you for this wonderful game.


Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love hearing what people think of the game.

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It's nice to hear that each route felt different - we tried to make sure that they didn't just feel like copy paste/cardboard cutout routes despite sharing the same elements. If you do choose to replay, it may be worth it to try different combinations with regards to points and choices - some of them give unique responses.

By the way, have you tried the Fan Book? It has extra scenes and images that were not in the original game, if you're interested in seeing those.


I was mildly aware that some choices gave other responses, but now I feel as though I've missed on a lot more than I first thought... I'll have to try and discover them all!

And I haven't checked out the Fan Book yet, but I certainly will now. Thank you!


hi i loved halloween otome it was a very good game and i enjoyed the other games you released to it was very detailed and can't wait for valentines otome :) <3


Thank you! We're happy to hear you enjoyed our games :)

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Okay I'm gonna take the first few sentences to sound professional. I just finished the game and I thought it was an amazing game from start to finish. The music was wonderful and the art was adorable, the characters were funny and interesting, and the story was captivating, clever, and wonderful to read.

Okay now to the other comments I have....

Oh my freaking God that was adorable as hell! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it's not like anything I've read before! I loved the fact that you put the main character in a upper class situation, hid her identity and then just acted like everything was normal. Kiren herself -- I called her Kiren (Not my real name) during the game so I'm just gonna stick with that -- is very relatable and easy to "get along with" in the sense that I wasn't yelling at her, often, due to her obliviousness or for her jumping to conclusions. I found myself constantly agreeing with her or saying things that she would repeat in the next sentence, not to mention the fact that she was a lot like myself in general. It's not often that you find a main character that can be so relatable.

So during my first run through I got the general ending ("Big surprise there." she says sarcastically.) which I found adorable, I mean Kiren got to be a famous chef for crying out loud! (My interpretation of that ending anyway) I found the puzzle mechanics interesting though the "Find the differences" one could have been much clearer on the whole statue thing, I had no idea what differences I was suppose to find, though part of that was probably my fault.

The next one I did was the Count, or "Vampir" as I called him most of the time lol. His character was very sweet and charming, though most princely types are, and I found his relationship with Landon to be adorable. Halfway through his story it pretty much hit me like a freaking train that he was actually Erik the whole time, which was freaking amazing! I never expected that and the explanation behind everything was pretty flawless, at least in my opinion. Near the end of it my heart started to break for him because he was just like, "It doesn't matter because she doesn't care." Oh dear god that hurt me haha. His ending was wonderful and sweet just like his entire story.

Next I did Tyler, or "Wolfy". Dear lord he was sooooooooo freaking CUTE! Shy guys are like my second favorite type in games like this. Watching him become more and more determined to protect Kiren was simply adorable and watching him fall in love with her was even more so. "Would you take a walk with me in the snow!?" I almost died at that part! This story was where I was kinda yelling at her because she was kinda oblivious of his feelings the whole time. I also loved the fact that he was so passionate with music and you could almost hear the joy he felt while he talked about it.

Finally, (and this was my favorite one) I did Landon's or, as I liked to call him, Bandages McJerkface. Now before I get into his, I must explain that this is my all time favorite type of guy when it comes to these otome games. That's why I saved him for last. From start to finish I was constantly yelling at him and fighting back along with Kiren, because god damn he is a freaking jerk. I was very interested in seeing his reactions to certain things, my favorite one was when I "kissed" Erik. That was the best because he got sooooo possessive after that and it was so adorable because it was like he had no idea what he was feeling towards her and all he knew was that no one else was allowed to be near her but him. And then at the end when he was trying to explain everything while drunk it was heart wrenching because every word that came from his mouth just dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole. His was definitely my favorite rout to take, and I also liked the Unicorn part quite a bit.

Overall this was a wonderful game to play and I wish it wasn't over. I always hate when amazing VN's end. I commend everyone who worked on this and I will be looking out for more projects in the future, I'm very excited to see what you come up with. Though I wish for a sequel though I know it wont happen, so I'll just settle for other stories to read and fall in love with. Thank you for this wonderful experience and for working so hard on this for us. Sorry this was so long to read but what can I say, I truly enjoyed it.


We've said it before and we'll say it again: we absolutely love long comments!

It's nice to hear that all the boys got some love. Bandages McJerkface - an apt description.

It might not be a sequel, but the Halloween Otome Fan Book has extra scenes and info that was not included in the game. On the other hand, our next game, Valentines Otome, is a loose sequel in which you play as Mira and get glimpses of how the relationship from Halloween Otome is going (you get to choose which Halloween Otome guy got the girl). Sadly, Valentines Otome is still in development and far from finished, but it is already over 200K words long!

I'm glad you enjoyed my comment and my nickname for Landon lol. I'll definitely have to check out the fan book and I'm already super excited for the Valentines Otome, I'm looking forward to it. ^-^

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Get ready for a very long reading..

This game was sooo cute I couldn't stop myself from smiling to myself like a dumb idiot. Just to get this off of my chest, Mr Wolf caught my attention first, before even meeting him, then it was The Count aaaand I had no interest in Mr Bandages :P until later...

First of, I played Mr Bandages Route to make sure I played all of them, If I played his route at the end I wouldn't really have any interest to do it but anyway his route was good, It was my least favourite one but I still liked it a lot! This is also where the first bug occurred, when it was one of the task which you had to assemble a broken plate the game froze and I had to re open it , after that it worked and that bug didn't occur again :) .

Then I went through Mr Wolfs route...the sightseeing was interesting... :D That part made me laugh out loud.Also THE PAIN IN HIS EYES WHEN SHE OR ER, I SAID THAT I'LL MISS THE GATEWAY BUT IT MUST BE THE FOOD... The emotion in his beautifully innocent eyes. I truly feel he could act a bit more possessive at times and act more confident and it would really make him stand out but it was still very interesting. The gir-- er I mean I was very dense too -.- But nevermind that, the food must have blinded me. ^^

And now for the moment of truth, The Count, my favourite character even though I didn't have much interest in him at the start, besides that he was very friendly. Well when I found out his 'secret' which was quite a bit before he actually told me I was like, why didn't I find out earlier? It was so obvious, but I can't blame myself for it I guess. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM SO MUCH DURING HIS ROUTE.Then i realized who I actually kissed in EACH route. Cute!

The mini games were enjoyable and not too hard. I thought that Erik would be a secret route but...emm yeah, well I got what I wanted. The art style was very well drawn and overall the game was very good for a free game. I truly wish there was a sequel but I don't think there will be one coming :(

Umm I also have 2 questions , first off In the Valentines Otome is the protagonist Mira by any chance??? ;D

And who was your favourite character here?

Thank you for making this game! Looking forward to more :D

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Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love reading responses - they motivate us to work on our games. Long responses are especially effective :)

Now to answer your questions:

1. Yes, Mira is the protagonist of Valentines Otome. We have a link to the demo/sneak peak of it on tumblr but we're holding off on putting it on until we're closer to finished as things may change.

2. We love all of our boys, but some were definitely easier to work with.

If you want more Halloween Otome you can always check out the Fan Book if you haven't already. There's also going to be glimpses of how the relationship with Emma and whichever Halloween Otome guy you choose as her significant other in Valentines Otome to look forward to.

I will make sure to check out the demo and the fan book!

I'm sure the Valentines Otome will be just as good as this one was :)


Hii, i loved this game this is the best free otome game.

Hi, we're honoured that you think so!

I found this on Deviant Art, but you were already here, it seems. Loved the game!

Looking forward Valentine Otome!

Thank you! we are definitely still working on it slowly - its passed 200000 words so will be longer than HO and hopefully will still be enjoyable. =]

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