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I really enjoyed this game. All the routes were nice and the game had a cool atmosphere. I don't always like puzzles and other such elements in VNs but here they made sense and were integrated naturally.

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I love the plot, I love the puzzle. The horror scene had me scared, I forgot this game is a halloween game, I played it at midnight so it's kind of scary. A shame that I didn't end up with anyone though, I really felt attacked, I guess that's the effect of being asexual, great game though <33 Found this game after trying to play the Christmas one, so I want to atleast end up with one of the ml in this one before I played the Valentine then Christmas.

I see there's a demo for Windows but will there be a full game for Windows as well? Or is that part of the PC/Linux option?

Hello, that is part of the pc/Linux option.


Hi, I was wondering if you were taking translations at the moment. If so, I would gladly translate your game into Turkish. :)
For contact you can reach me at

thank you for your timee

100/10 tyler is cute af

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I really liked this game and I like how the mc or Emma is a kind of woman who is brave and strong, liked that kind of women in games like these. Plus I didn't expect for Mr. Wolf or Tyler to have 4 endings, I thought there were 3 endings for each character, not that I'm complaining. My only concern is that some backgrounds (especially in the horror-ish part of the game) are kind of out of place, like it switches from drawn backgrounds into real life places of backgrounds. Some are even not drawn, more like 3D (specifically in the airport for the good ending of The Count). Oh yeah speaking of The Count, I liked his ending the most, probably because I was shocked and didn't noticed throughout the whole game. Like when I think about it now, it was kind of obvious and I didn't noticed it lmao. Overall I love the game, the interaction with the characters (including the jokes lmao), the CGs, the music especially when Tyler sings, everything. Looking forward to your other games. : )

Btw is it possible to get 5 points from the first puzzle, specifically the sliding puzzle? If so, how? Like my highest for that is just 2, well I mean I still got all the endings but I'm just curious, like I wanna see a walkthrough for that lmao.


It's lovely to hear that you enjoyed the game!

Regarding the BGs, we do wish we could have been more consistent with them but at that time we were relying on what we could find freely available or as an asset pack which led to many differing BG sources. We would like to update them at some point, but we are prioritising making new games so there's no guarantee if or when that will be possible.

You can check out the walkthrough for the ways to get max points on the puzzles HERE


i haven't played the count's route yet but i saw your comment about it being obvious and suddenly everything made sense and now i'm rushing to play his route xD
biggest spoiler but omg excited now

Oops sorry for the spoil hehe but you'll definitely enjoy his route


just finished it and i really did ;-;


his route was definitely the best. i was so happy that it was erik, i really was bummed that he wasn't one of the main characters but damn, the count really served.

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Yeah at first I was bummed too that he isn't one of the main characters BUT surprise lmao, he is one of the main characters.


TLDR: It's surprisingly really good.


  • Music is a bit jarring, but you get use to it
  • The minigames are too easy and don't vary when playing them again
  • Not all seen text is skippable, but it's not a big deal
  • The beginning of the game is a bit wonky
  • Some backgrounds are weird


  • The characters are really fun, like really really fun
  • Some musical effects are stupid funny
  • The mini games are a nice change of pace 
  • Plenty of cute moments
  • The female protagonist has a strong personality, hurray!! (seriously, it's great)
  • The concept is cute and funny
  • One of the route is an ass***e to lovers, which we really need more in those games!
  • Some backgrounds are really nice
  • The love interests are really different

Suggestions for future projects:

  • Maybe having a more uniform art style for the BGs
  • Some of the music and sound effects were a bit too much, maybe tone it down a bit for next time

Where can I buy a kippy onesie? I really need one now.


I fell in love with Mr. Wolf.
I mean he was my first choice and I can't go to another one without feeling guilty. Oh my he's so sweet ! My fav so far !

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I loved this game! The only thing-- I wish I could've seen Mira's reaction when she realized that Emma's dating Tyger.

I agree haha that would've been hilarious 

I love this game <3


This is the game that dragged me into the world of otome and made me fall in love with visual novels. I still adore it and replay it regularly :)


This game is amazing, I`ve had it for so long and I made it my tradition to replay it at least once a year before halloween. The story is incredible and so hartwarming the games are really good too. I just want to say Well done to the writer/s because it`s just incredible and at least for me it does have a high replay value. I love it so much. And Erik will always be my fav :D

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I finished the game last night and I thought of continuing to complete all the endings!! Although, I really enjoyed The Count's happy ending. I haven't tried Mr. Wolf yet but I'm going for him next! The games are actually fun, I thought the sliding game was hard but after a trial i figured the way on how to complete the game the fastest way and I actually got 5 points for it!! 
I thought that the last game will contain jumpscares!! It was so creepy -- especially when Mr. Mummy lost his head haha. I'll be playing the Valentines Otome next!

I just finished the game and I have to say it was amazing! It started like a regular slice-of-life otome, but then it got so good! The characters were lovable, the story was super interesting and the art was really nice! I must say that the horror bit in the last mission was great, it had just the right amount of suspense to make me feel on edge, and I liked it so much; it added more dimension to the game. The mini-games were cool too and added some interest to the missions, and they were all interesting and fun but not too hard (although I had to skip the sliding puzzle at the beginning because I suck at them, but that's besides the point).

And for the characters, oh my god. I just LOVE Mr Wolf so so much, his route was so heartwarming and I just want to hug him, if to be completely honest. I really like his personality (just my type in guys!) and I really like his character design. 

In conclusion, great game! I intend on playing the other two games in the series. Great job on this one! 

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i love this game the most i can repeat my love for this game time and again even after i leave this game for sometime i still think of it and even after i played it's successor 'valentine otome' i still couldn't get this game out even when i cheered for Mira in her game i couldn't help fangirling and falling in love again when Emma and the boys appeared again in 'valentine otome' i really loved this game and i always will of course i also liked Valentine otome but this game has a very special place in my heart as the first otome AND visual novel game i played it showed me the joy of this genre it's simplicity and cuteness have captured my heart forever i really want to see more of it i think even if it wasn't a game anymore and just a novel i'd search for it with all my stubborn heart just to see more from this excellent game (♡ >ω< ♡)

 maybe it sounds like im exaggerating |x・`) but no this is genuinely how i feel about this game i love it very much to the point that even though i played it long ago i didn't  finish playing it cuz i wanted to play it more so till this day i still hadn't finished all the routs (just mr: wolf that's left TAT) ..thank you for making this game i love it with all my heart (◕‿◕✿) it's really hard finding games like this one (✿ヘᴥヘ)


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I was hesitant to play this at first, but I actually loved it! It is cute but not so cute that you want to barf! It also doesn't make you go through heartache to get the good end so I loved it! Just right amount of romance :)

The only thing I would change is adding an epilogue for the good ends. I would love to see Emma going out with her boyfriend when they return to normal life, to see what that experience would be like. :)


Might I recommend Valentine's Otome?  The story is Mira's but Emma's relationship with her chosen beau is heavily featured, and you choose at the beginning who she is with, so you can replay the story with each option for a different experience.  More of a complex story and game but SO worth it.  I'm not sure which is my favorite of the two  I play them in sequence to keep the story going. 

I could only open the demo for the Mac, but not the full version :( why is that?

please help im desperate


While I don't have a Mac myself to test, the following advice was provided by another user in an earlier comment:

"Right click on the renpy app, then say show contents or something like that. Then go into the folder that says Contents, then MacOS then double click on the black version of it. The terminal should pop open and you should be able to run the game."


Loved it! Thanks so much for creating it and sharing with the world. :)

Hey, I didn't give you any money when I downloaded this because I had none, but I'd like to now. How do I make it give me the option again? Super charming game, btw!

Just click in Download, and it will give the option to donate.

I tried and it didn't. I'll try closing my browser and trying again....


Halloween Otome doesn't have a payment option but the Halloween Otome Fan Book and Valentines Otome do.


Wow. I've played so many of these games I can't remember half. I came across this one by chance. The MC, the story, the art, the charachters, and the music...all great. This is one of my new favorites! Thank you!

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1. It's all about food...

2. Animal lover and vegetarian in me cried when the squids were eaten :*(

3. Mr. Bandages inside me wasn't pleased that to achieve a good end I had to pick the "chosen" guy for all the quests, even if that guy wasn't good for the oppointed task (like with the map orientation and mr. Bandages ;P)

YET! The story and puzzles were nice and fun. The art, programming and music are good. Too good for a free game and I thank you for that. 

P.S.: I'm not really good with compliments, I know that.

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