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Valentines Otome is the sequel to Halloween Otome. Play as Mira (Renamable), Emma's outgoing best friend.

You and your house mates are NOT spending valentines day with a romantic dinner with that significant other - so what’s a girl to do? Party of course~ Dragging your best friend and cousin with you, you are determined to make sure that at least one of you has a blast.


  • 3 Love interests
  • Weekly Planner System
  • 289K+ words
  • 16 Ends
  • 10 Unlockable Extra Scenes (Available from the Main Menu)
  • Achievements
  • Unlockable Trait System to make replays easier
  • The ability to choose which character Emma ended up with and see how that relationship is playing out
  • Music by Tyler Thompson
  • Recommended route order is Zane - > Kiron - > Daire

Rated 13+ for:

  • infrequent/mild sexual content/alcohol use (No smut though. Just no.)
  • Mentioned drug use
  • Adult themes
  • Possible tragedy/character death

The Valentines Otome Fan Book is out! Get it for FREE here!

If you are using a Mac and having issues with the combined version, please try the Mac only version.

Mac users: Please use the Mac only version.

Guide can be found HERE.

We've made a short video series called Valentine Otome ALTs (Short scenes showcasing an alternate possibilities to those presented in the main game. Some may be serious, some may be crack.)

We're also hosting a fanart competition. Details can be found here. The competition has ended.

Please note: Halloween Otome specific charm sets have been moved to the Halloween Otome Fan Book page.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Feb 13, 2018
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, valentine
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Support


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 I can never get Daire waking nightmare ending even though my design and trust stat are maxed because apparently I didn't make kaiser coat but to do that I need to have my design stat at 150 so I don't get why I can't make it when that stat is already maxed. I'm able to make the first coat he ask of me but then toward the end of the game he comes again asking me to make him another thing then I never see him again which make me unable to see some events on August because I wasn't able to get the kaiser coat success on July 26 even though on that day I specifically chose boutique as destination and had my design stat maxed!!!!! If someone could help me I'll be eternally grateful! Seriously I had to replay Daire route 5 times already thinking I made a mistake somewhere but I always failed because of kaiser coat!!! ☹️

(1 edit)

The only Kaiser coat requirement is the first one. There is no second coat that you can make.

Waking Nightmare branches from the Best End so it has the exact same requirements but for the last choice choose to find Daire alone instead of confronting Kaiser.

Hope that helps!

Hi! How have you been? Sorry for bother again.

I'm the one who translated Flying Lessons to spanish. I wonder if you could give me the permission to translate Valentines Otome too.
I really want that spanish speakers can play this great game. Thank you for reading. Hope your prompt response.

Hi! I responded on discord, but in case you haven't seen it - you have full permission to translate the game.

We'd love for Valentines Otome to reach a wider audience!

Thank you so much! And sorry for the spam haha.

When the translation patch is ready, I'll let you know through Discord ♡

So I am a bit stuck on this game , I started playing last night because of a friend and I started with Daise's route my friend told me you can buy him at the auction but no matter what I do I can't make the money for it . Is there something I am missing?

Buying Daire at the auction requires having a lot of money towards the start. The easiest way to do this is to focus on design and always choose to wear your own designs. The inspired trait can help here.

This game felt so cozy, like the kind of story I'd reread after a stressful day to relax. I really enjoyed Daire's route in particular, though I get the feeling I'm missing some of the significance in the business relationships between the characters in his route.

I also loved the references to Halloween Otome and seeing what developed afterwards, especially when Emma began dating the Count. I'm going to replay Halloween Otome now :')

I really love this game (as well as previous part), but I have one problem. Does anyone know how to unlock the post epilogue with Zane in extra scenes?


This scene required that you finish the plotline with the fantasy book series.

It is present in the Fan Book as well.

hi! can someone help me? i have downloaded the game, and already tried deleting and redownloading. there are no side image showing up on the left where mira should be. she shows up for one second with a big scribble over her face and then disappears. occasionally there will be a set of eyes but that's it.

This sounds like the same problem as here: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48083#p477423

If so, can you try press Shift+G and toggle some options there? You'll need to restart the game each time to see if it helps. Please try all of the options until you find the one that works the best as some may cause lag.

love this game soo much!!!

after playing this game for God know how many times already, Mira's personality is rubbing off on me HAHAHHA I dont mind though. I love her

Hey. So I'm wondering about how to know which lines you have already read. I'm trying to get the "read all the lines" achievement, and I'm only have 16 lines. I have done every single route and no new lines. Please help

The small number of lines imply it's small variations that are missing. Off the top of my head it could be :
- Meeting the green-haired kid (Lee) in Zane's route.
- Meeting the white-haired kid (Kai) in Daire's route.
- Choosing not to spend time with your husband in each of the getaway combinations.
- A variation in the auction aftermath in Daire's path based on whether his affection is high/low
- An extra line or two in both versions of the play during Kiron's route if you have seen the dress rehearsal

I'm pretty sure that I have seen those scenes. Is there a way to see what I have already done?

Unfortunately not. The way to know it is new text is for the skip button to become disabled (with skip unread off) but for that to help you have to already be at the next.

Oh okay. Thanks for the help :) 

(1 edit) (+1)

Let's see. Where to begin? I really enjoyed Halloween Otome (my favorite game to come from Synokoria), so I was excited to play this game. My personal view of this otome stands on a rather neutral point. I can enjoy the effort put into the game, the music, and the art.  My favorite bachelor was Kiron as I enjoy the 'gentlemanly' type as Mira eloquently put it.  This game has a mystery element added to it, unlike Halloween Otome, therefore changing the tone of this particular addition to the Synokoria holiday themed otomes.

Mira, the main character, is a confident person. She is outgoing and social. She is the complete opposite of me. I realized that I could not relate to Mira on a personal level due to the fact that I am not a talkative person nor particularly outgoing. Regardless, Mira is a strong heroine, and I have no doubt that there is good reasons for others to adore her. She has quite a few attractive character traits. She values her friendships, knows how to read the atmosphere, and respects the privacy of others. Even so, I didn't agree with some of her behavior, but it is mostly because Mira and I have clashing personalities. 

Something I did not particularly care for was the whole 'decide how to spend your days to raise your stats.' I have played otomes in such a format before, but I believe that Valentine Otome executed it better than others. I must take into account how lovely it was to have certain events come into play because of how you spend your day.  I am thankful for the walkthrough that they published. (Otherwise I would have trouble reaching any sort of desired ending. Let it be said that if you enjoy a challenge, do not use the walkthrough, and discover the satisfaction of discovering certain endings by yourself.) I still found it rather bothersome to work on Mira's stats when all I wanted to see was her interactions with other characters. 

I loved the cameos of characters from Synokoria's previous game and all of the dynamic events you can have depending on the route you pick for Halloween Otome. That was a very thoughtful and delightful thing. Unfortunately, as a lover of Halloween Otome, I found myself more excited in seeing Emma's extended relationships with the man that the player chooses for her rather than for Mira's developing relationships. That, however, is my own fault. 

Now I will be heading into Spoiler Territory.

The player will be thrown into action genre territory near end-game through all the routes. That was something I had not been prepared for, but it was not unwelcome. The game actually contains a lot of hints that action will be presented later on. For example, threats, a flower pot dropping (from a building), kidnapping attempts (for a certain unrelated character), and the introduction of Jeff's role in Daire's route. This is one of the reasons why the tone of the story feels heavy. 

I recommend you follow the suggestion made above by Synokoria if you are about to go through your first play-through regarding the order in which you pick a bachelor. Daire's routes has a lot of mysteries revealed that happen in the other routes. That is why I am happy that I followed the advice listed above.

This was a decent game. The replayability, for myself, is low. I highly encourage others, however, to check this game out. One can tell that a lot of work was put into this otome, and the production value is higher than a lot of other free-published otomes. I recommend you give this otome a go to form your own opinion. 


I love this game. Mira is an amazing MC, witty, smart, comfortable in her own skin - i loved playing her. The love interests were awesome, I think my favourite is Zane and a close second is Daire. I love how the story builds itself through different routes. Idk, I'm just smitten. Amazing work.

(3 edits) (+1)

Well, so many seem to like this game, I guess I'll try again and see if I can get further. I really enjoyed Halloween Otome and found the characters utterly charming, but I find the premise of the game unpleasant in the extreme, and the characters unlikable. Still...the comments are uniformly positive, so....yeah. here I go to reload..... Edit: Tried Daire's route this time and liking it much better.  Edit2: Still don't like the guys, but I do like Mira now, so that's good. It's lovely to see the characters from Halloween again, but I'm not a fan of the mechanic that Mira's stats can derail past victories. 


After those grueling but also intriguing chains of events, let say in short I was in the border of "what had I signed myself (Mira, actually) into?" and "I NEED THESE BACHELORS IRL (T^T)"

(1 edit) (+2)

Playing the game, I started off disliking the characters and Mira and the love interests and the setting or basically THE GAMES ALTOGETHER to "OMG THIS IS AWESOME I WANT MORE I WANT SEASON 2 I WANT MORE LOVE INTERESTS". I thought Halloween is really good, but this is a lot better imo 

(I'm sorry but Erik Valdemar is a child and turn me off LOL Still his relationship with Emma really makes me jealous it pisses me off, he's still the total package which I want except for his childishness [that's giving him a lot of character depth tho] hahaha ok nvm move on)

My favorite love interest is Daire, just because to see him showing affection to Mira got me squealing internally lol And seeing Mira squeal internally is really cute. She's confident and flirty, so it's refreshing to see her so. 

Also I appreciate the diverse ending. Love that they have different scenarios. Even if I was hoping the bad ends (well, the endings exclude the happily ever after best ending) are better. Bad end does not mean necessarily bad altogether, because good bad end is awesomeee, especially since some of the endings include death (angst is the best). Maybe what it could have is... more elaboration on the character's feelings. Yas.

My love for this game is still burning and I love you, devs. Thank you. Please make more games :D Sorry for the bad grammar lol

(1 edit) (+2)

(Warning: slight spoilers, but no context) This game is absoultely INCREDIBLE. The music, artwork, and writing are amazing, but the general formula of the game is what blew me away. I just had to pause the game to comment how perfect the part around July is. The way the player/reader just keeps planning weeks and skipping through them mundanely was, in my opinion, the absolute best way to portray the emptiness that the MC is feeling in this part of the story. And the loss of actions with the love interest (assuming this is all routes, not just Daire's, as that's the only route I've started as of the writing of this comment) before this point was another great way to involve the audience and just rip their heartstrings out. This was the perfect use of a planner system, it enhanced the story in a way that simply reading the MC's thoughts couldn't. This is definitely one of my favorite visual novels ever, and I'm still not even done with my first route. Congratulations to you and everyone on your team for your incredible talents and hard work. 

Edit: HOLY-- So, I continued playing after that and I definitely got the bad end xD But it was a great bad end. If it were the middle of the night and I were playing uninterrupted, that definitely would've made me cry. God, I love this game

I did play that bad end at like 3 AM and it made me cry and also spooked me 

Hi I have a question !

What code should I write in the Renpy program, which, after reaching the good end, will create a hidden end in the game?

You might find this thread in the lemmasoft forums useful:



I love this game so much, and I was wondering is there was going to be a fan book for it?

We plan to release one eventually. We've got some pages done but there's still a lot of work left to do before we've got enough content to be satisfied.

THIS GAME IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone who made this game must be Genius!!!!😉 I ADoRe Your Ultimate Game🎇🎉🎇 only one word can describe your game and it's L-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y!!!!😁👍👍👍👍

that ain’t a description 😂 but glad you liked it that much 😊

Hahahaha!😅  How can I not like it? Because I already loved it! And I am really looking forward to Christmas otome😉.   *YAY!!!!!!!!!* 🙌


I made an account just to comment. I've played a lot of otome games in my time and eventually I landed upon Halloween Otome. I found myself drawn to every single character. I tend to get possessive of one guy after I pick them and love their storyline that sometimes it just breaks my heart to chase after another one for them to only be background characters. This is where these games have surpassed my expectations. Games that can be accessed freely often don't put as much time and effort in creating the work. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME JUST DRAWS YOU IN. 

Spoilers ahead

Mira was such a wonderful individual to play as. Her attitude towards life was very refreshing and uplifting from the regular otome game protagonist. I couldn't ever identify with Mira's experience, but watching everything play out made me jump for joy and cheer for her every moment. The guys. Wow! Each guy provided such a unique experience that made playing each route so much fun. All the information that you learn from one story to the next truly creates the depth that this game has. I played the routes recommended in order and felt that this helped create a wonderful experience in trying to understand and learn new things about the fleshed out story and characters. Zane was such an interesting route to begin with and slowly seeing him fall in love with Mira was amazing. (Gotta support the hubby with his video games :D) Kiron absolutely made my heart flutter and knowing Annabelle had went with Kiron to the wedding with Zane from the first route made me get so invested in having Kiron fall in love with Mira. HIS SHYNESS WAS SO LOVELY and provided a comedic contrast to Mira's attitude. Now Daire. I am glad I played Daire last. The last few scenes took me for a ride. It got absolutely crazy. I wasn't sure how the iceman was slowly gonna melt his heart for Mira when I first initially saw him. BUT OH BOY WAS IT ONE OF MY FAVORITES. (Besides all the moments I felt like I was getting teased along with Mira) I laughed at the subtle jokes that nodded back to the other routes and found it quite enjoyable. Everything about these characters provides such a unique experience that even someone like me who often falls in love with one character find myself getting totally invested with another one in a few hours! I love their friendship dynamic it was so refreshing. The mysterious aspects of the game kept you coming back for more and to play all the routes to try to figure out what was truly going on with every character in the game

HALLOWEEN OTOME. Being able to choose who Emma ended up with (i ultimately always chose Erik) and seeing their interactions afterwards made me so happy. This added another layer to the game and made it so much fun. Seeing Emma and Mira's relationship being fleshed out more in this game made me so happy.

I don't know if you could tell but I absolutely adored this game. Phenomenal.

Had to log in with my separate account to say thank you so so much for your lovely comment. It made me and Corynth very happy that someone liked the story and your thoughts on the progression TT^TT .  It’s  nice to see people liking Mira’s character coz we know there are a lot of people who don’t ^^’ but as we’ve said somewhere before, our mc’s have their own character and aren’t suppose to be generic. Thank you thank you thank you! For putting smiles on our faces. 

I'm glad that I could bring a smile to your faces. It makes me happy that I can give back at least through words for the joy that your games have brought me. I hope you both keep on continuing what you do and enjoy every moment of it because I sure do! Thank you both for your hard work.

This is such an amazing game! First I have to  talk about Mira. I've played a lot of Otome games in my lifetime but I don't think I've ever loved a protagonist as much as I loved this one. Smart, funny, beautiful, confident in her sexuality and her abilities, she was so much fun to play. I also loved playing a female character that had been with multiple partners in the past and enjoyed sex and wasn't shamed for that. It was so refreshing and different from a lot of games I've played. Also the differences not only between the romances, but the different scenarios and interactions you get depending on Emma's LI was so much fun. I've played through each route at least twice to see all of the different interactions and will probably play a third time.  I loved the mystery aspect of the game, although I still haven't figured all of it out yet, especially Rayner. He is such a complex and interesting character, I want to know more about him! This is a great, beautiful, amazing game. You guys are so talented. Thank you for the incredible game. 

thank you for your comment! So many people say yes they want a strong confident character who doesn’t go all shy fluttery at the first intimate contact but usually they don’t like the enjoyed multiple characters part? (What am I saying?! Lol)  but I’m glad you like her sexuality and abilities. When we made the Em’s bf option we knew there was gonna be a lot of scenarios and interactions that people were going to miss (even I don’t think I’ve cleared 100% word count in the game myself despite playing by every option and I unlocking all the ends. Grrr. ) but hoped it’d increase the play playability without getting boring too quickly. Rayner will appear in a future game(s) so hopefully you will get to find out more about him one day =) 

Is there a full walkthrough anywhere ?  All the correct choices for the characters ? What to do to get all the endings ? It's a great game but after the fourth time it gets kind of boring when I'm trying to get the endings. I tried to use the guide but I just can't get it.  Need walkthrough please help!

(1 edit)

Guide can be found HERE.

Check out the relevant tabs (such as affection which has the ending requirements and correct choices).

Try saving at places before choices are made, the day you discover the planner, and/or any other scenes that may be significant to the plot. That way, if you don't get the ending you're happy with, all you have to do it load up the scene in which you feel is best, (sometimes it gets all ~too~ messed up because you didn't get the planning right, which is why it's good to have a slot saved for the moment Mira starts talking about the planning app) and you don't have to suffer through skipping dialogue that you've seen countless times. Also check the guide for the desired character's favorite traits and what choices to make as well as deadlines for certain things. Hope this helped! 

!!!!! ALSO SIDE NOTE: If you're trying to load up a scene from before when you're in a scene that came afterwards and you messed it up, BE SURE TO CLICK LOAD BEFORE YOU CHOOSE A SLOT. I've made the mistake of instead of going back in time to rewind my error, but I end up saving the scene where I realized I messed up, usually prompting me to have to restart all over again. So, uh, yeah. Don't do that. It's a pain in the rear and kicks about another 45 min in playing time when I could've reached the ending already. !!!!


SOOOOOO Spoilers!

I took back my words and I played and got all the endings and the extra. I'm crying. I CALLED IT! I'm also a bit peeved that I didn't see Erik's reaction to Emma's positive on the test.  How would the other boys react to? Anyways I LOVE THE GAME!!! The art for breaking Emma's promise made me cry also, is flame head gonna be the villain in the next game?


Landon would be extremely worried while Tyler would be overjoyed.

Personally, I consider Kaiser more of a greater scope villain. He'll only be a villain to you if you get in the way of his plans.

Cool! Landon Parents would be joyed too I guess :3 Tyler will forever be my Bae <3

(2 edits)

Loved this game, I have only played Daire's so far (still need to get one ending) I will be definitely playing all the routes and all endings. I also enjoyed the music! the CGs are so beautiful! well done to all that worked on it! <3 :) 

nice game! I am a developer also or soon will be.... Until I release my first game *symbol of despair binded destinies* I am still working on it so plz check it out later once its released! Thx!😋

Worthy successor to Halloween Otome! Every route is interesting, and the characters are good company. I am going to miss Emma's facial expressions, again!

THis is suriously one of my top 5 otome games I played so far and I am counting the expensive ones!!! Loved this game, the main character is just so cool and smart, I love all of her comeback especialy in Zane's rout. x3 She is one of the strongest main character I see in those kind of game and I love it!! The story is great too, it kept me suprised all game long and all character are really great and deep! Ok I think I am just repeating myself there... :P I am really happy I waited for it's release, since I loved the first game  and this one was even better!!! I admit I would love to see another one of that storyline!!! Love synokoria's game <3

I really, really, really want to play this game sighs ;;-;; but my laptop won't launch the game so I can't huaaaaaa hopefully I can play this game one day because I love Halloween Otome. Best luck to you!

(1 edit)

i didn't read the hints or guide before my first playthrough and MY HUSBAND GOT FUCKING MURDERED HOW DARE YOU good shit

...is there an ending where daire gets to stay ceo AND we stay together? if so how do i get it T.T


There is an ending like that, yes.
You need to get trust and design to at least 250 early in the game as well as have high affection. Good Luck!

ah, thankyou! it went against my nature to avoid some  tasks entirely in favor of the necessary ones, but i finally have my happy ending, and i got to rescue my damsel penguin!

...are affection and trust different? how does one gauge affection?

Affection is a hidden stat that is based on your choices.

You can generally gauge it based on whether you are getting the his pov sections or the occasional more romantic variations of scenes.

Hi, im not sure if you still respond to comments but i need help, i've been trying to get runaway lovers but im only getting broken promise or truth revealed, does emma's boyfriend has any effect on the route ? Or i need an certain stat for that ? I've already maximize trust and management a few times with the affectionate trait yet still nothing...Sorry for the mistakes.

Hi there, Runaway Lovers requires low Management. The rest of it's requirements are the same as Truth Revealed.

Sorry this is going to be long haha. (slight spoilers may be included)

First of all, thank you so much for making this game! I was ecstatic when I noticed that this was out because I played Halloween Otome a year ago (I think?) - I really enjoyed that too btw - and I took a break from otome games cos of school TT_TT I think I was aware of the sequel being in the works, but I only got around to finally hunting otome games down once again a few days ago haha.

Anyways, I really love this gameee how will I ever move on from it ahhhughgbuhinij- no seriously though, it really is wonderfully made. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was about Em's best friend instead of Em again (I dunno why, I guess I didn't really read the game info the first time cos I was excited and just went ahead and downloaded it XD). I love all of the characters and their personalities so much. I also loved how you still showed the characters from Halloween Otome (Tyler is still such a cutie omg). 

The bachelors are all vastly different from each other, their personalities, their background, their hobbies, etc. and I absolutely adore it. This is the kind of game I like because I don't have to spend like half the game skipping through lines that I've already read because each bachelor's route is reeallyy different from each other. Each route presents different characters and problems. I also like how depending on which guy you chose Emma to have ended up with, you get different honeymoon spots! ^^ (Rayner crossdressing tho <3)

Other than the characters, I especially adore the game's music, especially the opening/ending song. I applaud Tyler Thompson for that <3 The background music really changed according to the situation being presented and it suits the mood -I may or may not have teared up every time Mira gets married to one of the bachelors- Seriously, I adored "All Eyes on Me" (assuming that's the title) so much to the point that I wrote down the lyrics by ear because I wanted to sing along to it every time I hear it. 

Every time Mira gets married though, I do tear up a little cos it feels like I'm a mother giving Mira away even though I'm not?? I don't know I guess I'm so touched every time like whenever the transition's done and I see Mira in her wedding getup I just stare at her lil sprite in the lower left corner and just admire her, "omg she looks so beautiful."  Of course, I also admire her more with one of the bachelors right beside her in the CG. Speaking of which, may I just say that the CGs are so good? Like seriously they are so gooood, especially the CGs of the individual bachelors in the prologue because it made me anticipate their routes. The sprites are also beautiful too, they don't look awkward or stiff, they have the right body proportions! Not only that, I like the colors of everything in the game.

I enjoyed that lil scene for Kaiser at the end, is this a sneak peek of what I could look forward to in the future, I wonder?

Throughout the game, I was only disheartened by the fact that I had mistakenly thought that Daire would have two happy endings... he didn't. TT_TT I was really expecting that the last ending listed for Daire was the really, really happy one but I was unfortunately mistaken </3

Anyways omg, this ended up being wayy longer than I expected I'm sorry, but now I've let out all my feelings for the game ^^' Thank you so much for making this game once again, and I'm looking forward to your games in the future! <3

omg I love this game so much and I really need more Rayner in my life

Can I please have a Rayner route DLC X3

(2 edits)

Will you be making a cheat at all? Like some sort of code to max out stats? 

Also wanted to say that I love your games! Your stories are amazing. Halloween otome was one of my faves when I played it years ago, and this one was just as amazing. I will continue to support your amazing work!

Thank you very much for your kind words! It's always encouraging to hear that people enjoy our games! We have a poll regarding our next game if you're interested in that.

The traits are pretty much in-game cheats. For instance, with "Relaxed" it's quite trivial to max out all stats by the end of the game. The main reason we don't want to make pure cheats is that it could very easily break the game logic.

I loved your game,It's so cute

This game lags a lot for me. When I load, save, rollback, etc., the game lags very badly. I have a gaming laptop and it runs windows 8.  :/ Wish there was a fix or something for this. It's only this renpy game.

Try shift+G and switching the options there?

Alternatively, try asking on the lemmasoft forum with your logs and full specifications so we can try to help as this may be something specific to your system and the current ren'py version.

(3 edits)

:3 When I got the CG of the AFTER math of Mira finding Zane's 2D Otome world, my mother said she will take the internet out and quote on quote " Don't play those type of games".  (Even tho IT DIDN'T SHOW ANY NUDE-) When I tried to explain, she responded with "Stop talking back" Ahhhh, ain't that awesome? ( I am just gonna try to get the good ending because I really don't want to cry *Again*) I swear I'm gonna make her fall into this Otome hole with me. 


A fan that is unable to play one route without being judged <3

it does not let me advance

This may be a topic better tackled in the VO thread on the lemmasoft forums as we'd require logs and full system specs as well as a more in depth explanation of the issue before we can diagnose the issue.

I have 2 questions.

1. Why is Landon against marriage?
2. If I get the first dance ending with Landon's epilogue will something special happen between him and Emma at the wedding?

1. He's not against marriage in general so much as himself getting married. Marriage is a commitment he doesn't feel he's ready for. It's easy enough to say you're going to date a person for the foreseeable future, but actually living with them and committing to spending your life with them is harder. Plus he knows he's hard to be with and it's less messy to have his girlfriend leave him than a wife. It's not something he wants to rush.

Also, the fact that children are likely to come after marriage scares him. Unlike Erik, he's in no hurry to start a family.

2. Not at the wedding, no. There's an extra scene available from the extras menu if you've seen a specific late game scene with him though. It shows him slowly starting to get over his reluctance to commit. 

Okay, got it. Thank you! Love both games by the way. Will there be another sequel?

We have plans, but we'd rather not say anything until a later stage because we learnt that lesson with VO. 3 years from demo to release was a long time to keep people in suspense.

For starters, I love this game!!! xxx I need help, though! I'm stuck on getting the "Early Exit", but have already completed "Broken Promise" and "Sunken Ship". Any hints or tips?!  Also, I can't seem to get "Runaway Lovers" end either >.< SOS

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Use the affectionate trait and max trust for Runaway Lovers.

Keep affection and trust low for Early Exit

More specific help can be found in the guide.

So I wanted to throw out a little tip for anyone playing, 

Place 'Go to Bar' in Wednesday and Friday. You'll note that if you don't have any of the traits unlocked, the go to bar W and F set up will get you really far without the stress penalties. Just switch the days off if you make it past the vacation time.

I've managed almost all endings, and getting 150 in all the skills (minus stress but that's out of a 100) and still manage maxing out the main skill needed, and trust for the bachelor involved.

ok first of, i really love this game! It is an amazing story, amazing charachters and just everything is great, but i can see like many others i have a problem with getting the good end with Zane even if i max out trust and management and take the right affectionate choices it gives me only "of course it was and yes but not right away" I Had Landon as Emmas lover but dont know if that plays a role? So well should i just try again and not max them out cause it seems like on the guide that they should be lover or is that just me? 

Love the game, but please help 😂

Getting the option for "Yes - but not right away" means affection is not high enough. The usual culprit here tends to be the birthday choice because it changes depending on current affection level and if affection is not high enough by this point you will lose out on the chance for another affection boost. 

The easiest to get the right end is to simply replay with the affectionate trait. Alternatively you can replay with the guide and ensure you have 9 affection points by the end of the game.

I get this option too, I get the trait affectionate , I get the Astute achiviment with scarf , but yet i get the two choises, "Of couse.."  and "Yes- but not...."

I get all choices ritghs, i started one new game, because the firts time i choose the firts choice wrong, but my game finished like this

My status is full almost all, But trust and the other fo Zane route.

What i am did wrong? This in my second time

Weird thing, so I choose "Of course"  I get he Broken Promise. And So loaded my save and the choices changed. 

This is strange because it implies that your affection somehow changed when you loaded the save.

I'm unable to recreate it, so I can't be sure what's causing it.

Lucky i think?

So anyway, i loved the game <3 thank for this amazing game. 

I'll play a third time, with Tyler with Ems. 

Oh and Thanks for attention <3 ~kiss

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