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i am playing it, and a little doubt get me, which status for each character?

I mean Zane is managent  right?

And the others?


Daire - > Design

Kiron - > Social

Further help can be found in the guide.

Thank you very much  (^_−)☆

This game is amazing! I already loved HO and this is even better! I know I'll never be able to get all the scenes and dialogues, though, because I love Erik too much to put Emma with anyone else! I've played Daire so far and he was amazing and then I played Zane and I loved him a ton too and now I'm working on Kiron and what a relief that there's actually some early-installment kindness going on! He's sweet. I was curious about something that happens on Erik's getaway. I've gotten the dinner or the party at various points but I'm not sure what causes one to trigger over the other and which one is a better outcome. I would think the dinner would be but the boyfriend's POV scene happens with the party.

Erik's getaway is based on your Management skill.

The party is the better outcome for Mira because her husband actually reacts to it and tries to comfort her in his own way.  During the dinner sequence there is no strengthening of her relationship.

I really like this game! So thank you very much for creating it.
I was hoping if you (or anyone else) could maybe help me get the "First dance" ending with Daire. The only thing I know is that I have to not get blocked when I have to enter Daires company - something about meeting a person?  
I would really appreciate if you could help me >_<

You will get blocked irrespective of which end you're on.

The important part is to meet his requirements before you are blocked.

Oh!! Thank you!

Hi i'm a fan of the game just having a bit of a problem getting any other ending than Broken Promise for Zane , wondering what i'm doing wrong. i maxed out management and trust as well as got all the affection choices.

This sounds like you might be making the wrong choice at the very end.

When the final choice is shown, choosing to leave him ("Of course it was!") will give you Broken Promise even if you have the right stats. 

 Choose "Absolutely Not!" instead. 

thanks for replying so quick, but the absolutely option isn't popping up at all.

That's interesting. This might be better to move to the Synokoria Forums for ease of answering.

As it is, do you get any option at all? If not that implies something is wrong with your trust. If you get "No, it wasn't." that implies your management isn't high enough. But you've maxed both. Can you try loading from a save and playing up to the ending without maxing them but getting them above 250?

thanks i'll try that out and if that fails i'll tell you more about it on the forums


Hello~ To start, I really want to thank you for Valentines Otome. I had been waiting for this ever since it was released as a demo and I really appreciate all the hard work you've done for VO. I loved its overall concept and all the bachelors (with more points to Daire but oh well, the adorbs penguin). Also, I enjoyed actually exhausting all the options I can do within the game as well as get all the achievements, extra scenes, traits, and even all the endings (nevermind, how I spent sleepless nights just to get through the whole of VO). It made me love Mira more and treasure her (the precious baby). I also appreciate the fact that we get to see the guy's point of view at every route. It lets one really see into them and see how they view Mira. 

I can also say that VO is really a huge step from HO and will be my most favorite otome game out of all the others I've played so far. It was a huge roller coaster of emotions, fun, and all the sides a character can offer. For that, I don't regret ever picking this up and playing through everything. (Sidenote: Can't shake the feeling that this also contains quite the prelude to an Osiria story, which might be the next one? I might be wrong but it's a fun theory.)

Anyways, lastly, thank you so much for making VO and I really really appreciate all the efforts and love poured into it. Please keep up the amazing work and thank you for the wonderful experience :D

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you for your kind words!

We will be releasing a Fan Book of VO eventually. 

We'd hoped to release one with VO, but time got away from us.

will you guys be answering some trivia about the game as well like you did for halloween otome? and it looks like we'll be getting another otome in the future possible (hopefully!) for osiria/siyan?

We'll answer the questions we get unless they spoil future games, yes.

And we'll also be releasing a Fan Book for the game at a later stage.

Regarding an Osiria game, yes, but that's a while in the future. Someone else needs their story told first ;).

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I didn't get Zane's good ending...and I was maxed out on the management and trust stats so I'm not sure what I need to do? My other stats were kept low.

(1 edit)

Raise his affection by making the correct choices (these can be found in the guide linked above). If you have Tyler as Emma's boyfriend then you'll need to either use the affectionate trait or have Social above 150 by his getaway as well.

Raising Trust stops you from dying. Raising Management will only change the ending if affection is high enough.

If you did meet all the requirements then maybe you made the wrong choice at the end - don't choose to leave him.

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I was on 300  for Trust, pretty early on too, still died a horrible death. If I choose to leave the next morning I get the sunken ship ending. I think I picked the right answers but I can go back and try again. I am using the affection trait and I pick erik for emma, btw

This might be the best otome I have ever played. And Zane...I am actually really affected by his route, it is just so well written. If this was a rom com I would totally go watch it, the chemistry would be off the charts <3 You seriously have a gift. I am so determined to get his good ending, I just know it will be perfect

hi! for some reason I can't get the extra ending for mira/zane. I had the scene where she read spoiler book 5 and got the good ending truth revealed, but nothing in extras.

That's strange because it's unlocked on our side. 

Are you sure you got the fifth Fantasy Book event and not just the fourth?

Perhaps try again? 

Am i the only one who just cant get the game to extract on their windows pc?

That's strange. 

Have you tried installing it through the itch app?

(Alternatively have you checked to see if maybe your antivirus is blocking it or you got a corrupted copy and need to redownload?)

Hello! I was wondering how to get the extra story with Emma and Landon. I played Daire's route and choose Landon for Emma. But didn't get Landon/Emma extra story from the extra story section.

You need to see a scene where Mira runs into Landon in the mall before it unlocks.

The requirements for the scene are social > 150 and choosing to design.

That and the requirements for unlocking other scenes can be found in the guide HERE

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Just wanted to say thanks for creating this wonderful game! I blasted through the entire thing over the past two days, and I found myself completely addicted to the story and the wonderful characters-- I've now unlocked all endings on all three routes, plus all the CGs and achievements except for the "read all lines" (need to go back and try out all the possible combinations of Mira's boys x Emma's boys, which will be fun), and I'm already craving more of this world.  Pretty proud of myself for doing it without a walkthrough too :D definitely took a ton of hours, but it was all worth it. 

I absolutely adore Zane and Daire and their routes, and really appreciate how you managed to craft such distinct characters. I will say that Kiron's route felt cluttered, which is unfortunate since the man himself is such a sweetheart. There were so many new side characters thrown into the mix, and we never really connected with them in Kiron's story, although I do get the desire to hint towards a potential sequel. I thought the side characters were more deftly handled in the other routes, and enjoyed how your suggested playing order of Zane > Kiron > Daire really built upon each other. My favourite character however has to be Mira herself-- I loved her strength and independence, how she was unafraid to be sexy and sexual, and her awesome banter. She definitely stood out to me among otome game heroines. 

I'm also really glad we got to see so much Emma/Halloween Otome goodness embedded throughout this game, and the friendships between characters were truly lovely. I am also impressed that you created a sequel game that is so distinct in tone from Halloween Otome-- this definitely got a lot darker in places than I anticipated, but there were lots of great funny moments to balance that out too. 

congrats on getting all the endings! I was hoping vo was engaging enough to warrant replay. =)

As with Kiron’s route, you probably aren’t the only one who feels that way, but sadly those side characters have their own story that needs to be unlocked (well - in a future X otome that is) so perhaps one day people will be able to understand more...hopefully.

I’m glad people are also liking Mira. She’s so uh...different from the usual otome protagonists that we weren’t sure how people will react, so it’s great to hear positive feedback. 

I just finished Zane's route and it was amazing! I can't wait to play Kiron's next! I'm just a little intrigued about the Model event when Osiria mentions "it's deeper than that" when Erik makes a comment about Landon and it's never explain what she meaned after that. So, is it possible to know ? Like was there something between Landon and Erik ? 
By the way it was all worth the wait, iv'e already played for hours and i'm no done yet!

Deleted 6 years ago

... Yeah this is one of those Osiria and/or Emma are messing with you moments.

Emma's "walked in on them" comment refers to when Landon was sick in Halloween Otome.  As for Osiria she's half-trolling and half referring to them being like brothers and willing to die for each other. 


I'd like to start by stating that this game was definitely worth the wait. Though I may not have unlocked all the endings, two sleeplessness nights are enough for me to gauge the game. This is worthy to lose sleep over.

The characters have individual traits and do not mesh together and depending on the route, the player discovers more sides to them.
The art is gorgeous and the soundtrack accompanies the script beautifully. Reading the script is not taxing, but instead, nudges the player to want more.

I personally love the twist endings with the MC's, umm, "life" choices (for lack of a better word to prevent spoilers). It adds that extra realistic touch.

Something I noticed with the game however, are some technical errors.
This may just be my experience, but, I use a Mac and the Mac game application refuses to open.
I'm currently playing the game via Wine, but the game often crashes (though this may also be just my personal experience). Though, the game does tend to crash at a certain point - the fashion show event. (Specifically after MC is seated and converses with Osiria.)

On another note; is Mr. Kaiser dateable? Like a secret or parody end? Because it would be a shame, if not...

All in all, this game is a must-play!

I sincerely look forward to future releases.

(1 edit)

Have you tried the Mac only version?

We did test it on Mac devices before release, but of course, not all systems are the same.

There's also a guide on how to open the market/combined version on Mac here at lemmasoft:


So, I tried the Mac only version but it wasn't opening up.
I have checked out the guide that you've linked and it has fixed the problem.

Thank you very much for getting back to me.

Totally worth the wait <3 

Through some trial and error I managed to finally get a happy end with Daire and it was pretty rewarding. There's actually a lot more replay value then I was expecting for each LI, since your choice on Emma's significant other also heavily alters a handful of events. I'm really loving this game so far~ 

As always Synokoria does quality work :3

hello!! i've had the time to speed through this game blindly and i just wanted to say it's been a delight playing! i've grown attached to the cast and have loved the cameos from halloween otome! seeing the new boys interact with the old boys was amusing especially when i paired mr. wolf w/emma during zane's route HAHAHA. 

in addition, i wasn't expecting some of the plot twists in some endings --- zane's especially --- but i was pleasantly surprised! some of the more 'low stat' ends also made me :") because who doesn't love some angst right?

there are some endings i haven't been able to acquire, but as i received the 'best ending' for all three boys through trial and error i'm content on waiting for the official walkthrough to unlock the rest and mixing up emma's boys with mira's boys to see how others interact w/them later on. 

lastly, i'm excited to receive the charms -- the designs are adorable -- thank you for providing them as a bonus!

Is there a walk-through for this? I can't seem to get the happy ends. Love the game anyways tho!

from my personal experiences the happy ends seem dependent on the 'secondary' stat aside from the trust one (not even taking account the hidden affectation attribute from correct answers) --

daire: design
zane: management
kiron: social (i believe?? i can't recall how i played through his since i did it at like 2-4 in the morning so i'm not super confident with this one,  i can't recall how closely i juggled the other stats with his but it seems plausible enough)

while getting every single zane bad end before finally getting his happy end, i decided to just ignore other stats aside from management and trust to see if it'd net me it --- and it has! try doing that if you're having trouble i guess? it worked out for me ... my design and social in that route was pitifully low but i still netted the happy ending (truth revealed). not sure if it has a impact on the other routes if you neglect the non-secondary stat. i pretty much ended up using zane as a guinea pig for how badly i was failing getting a decent ending for him haha  

good luck! 

Yay!  Will you be doing a fan book for this one?  I would pay extra for it.  I loved the last one you did almost as much as I loved the game itself.

We will be doing a fan book eventually. We'd hoped to release it with VO, but time got away from us.

That is the best news!  Thank you!

It's the first time I'm trying an otome without a walkthrrough :'D It is both fun and frustrating, I'm trying to go on routes in their specified order and I got Zane's all bad endings, and now I've sat here for over an hour trying to make sense of how his getting the good endings get xD 

I can't wait to get on Kiron's route (I've wanted to play him since the demo was released T^T) and I can't wait for the walkthrough to finally get Zane right and I'm extremely excited to play this game :'D 


Well, if you've gotten "Broken Promise" then you're on the right track.

If you're dying - focus on trust.

For Truth Revealed, focus on Management as well.

Since I posted the comment I got Runaway lovers!! :D Truth Revealed is the last ending I need. Thank you so so much for the tip!!! <3

Could you possibly share a hint for Runaway Lovers?! It's the last Zane ending I need to unlock, but I just can't figure out how to get it.

Keep Management low

(1 edit)

Thanks for the hint! I feel like I still must be doing something wrong :P I've tried raising trust while keeping management as low as possible (never selecting "work at boutique" unless it's fixed in the schedule). I'm guessing that I'm still picking story choices wrong somewhere at the beginning, as I'm not unlocking most of the special romance scenes I saw in Zane's true ending when I attempt to keep management low. Ah well, I might move on to the other boys and come back when the walkthrough is released. 

EDIT: Finally got it, after multiple tries! Also finished Kiron's route, and I'm SO excited to be moving on to Daire at last. Just one thing, a potential glitch perhaps? When I try to set the stats preference to "fast/skip", it always seems to reset back to normal and I'm never able to skip the stats on replays. 

Deleted 6 years ago
Show post...

I couldn't see Mira's sprite ;;_;; Is only me have that bug? please help me!

Questions like this are probably better asked on the Lemmasoft or Synokoria Forums as it makes it easier to attach information we will need to assist.

We need more information to figure out if this is a problem with the game or your system. Log files, screenshots, as well as your system specifications will help narrow it down.

okay first i like to say the game is great just like the halloween one, its nearly 3am here and i am still playing it trying to get the good endings. omg help us please!!! it really is killing me. i want to see the good endings!! i keep getting bad ones. so i am not sure if i need the trust to be up way more or what, some clue would be great 

Try playing with traits activated. With the exception of one trait (Relaxed), each trait unlocks to help you get a different end. In other words, if you reach a certain end because your affection is low, then you will unlock the affectionate for use if future playthroughs.

Another hint is that there are 2 stats each route that are important for determining the end you receive. The character chosen as Emma's significant other also affects the stats a little.

Good Luck!

(1 edit)

thank you sooo much for your help, i am sorry if i sound stupid but is there a way to check which stats are right for the guys like say Daire for example i kept trying management and trust that failed so i tried trust and social that failed then tried them all that didnt work out but also i kept choosing erik for emma. so really just wondering if there is on the game like in menu or not just to check which stats should be chosen. sorry if am asking to much. (okay small edit) i finally got a good ending after all the bad ones. it was with zane yay!!

Daire prefers Design. This is mainly seen through events in game. Landon is generally the best choice for design but it's not impossible with the other guys.  However the second stat does not matter if your affection or trust are not high enough.

thank you again for your help and i did try what you told me yet i still get the same bad endings which is sad, but i will just keep trying. still though your games are so amazing, i now wonder if you got anymore ideas like maybe a easter one or even christmas one <-- that would be soo great.

Are you using the affectionate trait? 

If your trust and design are high enough then it's usually affection that you're failing at... Or you're making the wrong choice at the end.

So first of all congrats on the release!  I'm so happy for y'all! I recently had surgery so I have a lot of time at home to spare right now and so I've been playing this game all day and I've really enjoyed it so far but I just haven't been able to get like the "Best" good endings? I've played Kiron and Daire's routes and I always get a bittersweet end or bad end and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong?

So far the endings I've gotten are Fallen Hero, Things Left Unsaid, A Forced Farewell, Transaction Complete, and Acceptable Losses. I'm really not good at these kinds of games so I wanted to know if you could give me some direction? or a walkthrough? because I honestly have no idea what I'm doing wrong atm ^^; 

If you can get "Things Left Unsaid" and "Acceptable Losses" then you're failing to raise the secondary stat. Each Love interest has a favourite non-trust stat. Try raising different ones and see what happens. An easy way to figure out which stat it is is to see which traits those ends unlocked.

A walkthrough will be released in a few days if you still can't get it by then.

Thank you so much for the game! I really loved Halloween Otome, it's one of my favorite visual novels!

Those charms are adorable <3 (*buy them right away*)

I want it so much. Halloween Otome is so Good.

I'm looking forward

omg omg omg I can’t wait for this game it’s gonna be soooo good just Halloween otome witch I loved soo much!!!

Fun fact: With out a walkthrough I always get a bad endings  XD Just like in real life.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME AHHa Also after this game is done what are you going to do next?

That's all the more reason to replay! XD

Kidding aside, the trait system exists for this sake - if you get a bad ending then you unlock a trait to help you get a better ending.

We have plans but we'd rather not reveal anything because that's how we got burnt with VO. After all it's been over 3 years since we released a demo for it and almost 4 since we announced it. In that time most people probably got tired of waiting >_>'

Looks good! So excited for this already! ♥♥♥ 

Will there be a walkthrough for VO as well? Highly looking forward to it!!!

Yes, but we're most likely going to do what we did with Halloween Otome and delay release of the walkthrough a little (at most a week). This is mainly to encourage people to do the first playthrough blind.

Loved the Halloween Game now can't wait for this one to come out ^.^

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃 I just can't wait to play this game!!!!!! I loved your Halloween's Otome soooo much. It's my number one favorite Otome so far!

Thank you!!! 😍

Excited for this! Love your work so much!

AAAAHHHH SO EXCITED! and im kinda glad i should play daire the last cause i usually play the favorite last~

Congrats! I'm so excited to see what happens with this game. Your amazing!

Hi, just want to congrats you for the new game!

Wow, it's been years I believe? Love your Halloween's otome by the way^^

Best wishes and good luck!

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