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Are you ready to melt a frozen heart?

Christmas Otome is the sequel to Valentines Otome and the third entry in the "Holiday Otome" series.

With graduation drawing near and Emma's relationship getting serious, Maia starts to wonder about her future. Should she listen to her parents and return home or try to make it here in the city? A chance encounter leaves her with just a couple of months to melt a frozen heart but can this super serious girl do it?


  • Heroine's name is changeable
  • 130K+ words
  • 3 (+) Love interests 
  • 9 endings
  • A map system
  • A shop system
  • A dreamscape system that provides insight into the LI’s subconscious
  • 30+ CGs
  • An optional tutorial as well as a recap of the relevant events from the previous games
  • Opening Video
  • Music by Tyler Thompson

Synokoria Discord Server

Our recommended play order is Garret—> Mick—> Liam. Each route is pretty standalone, however,  so pursue whoever catches your eye.

The GUIDE has been released and can be found here!

There’s also a short, optional survey that you can take once you’ve finished the game. All results can be viewed by clicking “see previous responses” once you have submitted.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 30, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(96 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsChristmas, Comedy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
LinksTwitter, Blog, YouTube, Community


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xpatch03.rpa - improves skipping 5 MB

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can i upload your game on youtube

Do you mean as a let's play? Sure :)


My favorite route was Mick, but he definitely needs a therapy for their relationship to work out. Also I loved Spoiler route, only would like to see more of their relationship, especially in the scene after credits, because after all Maia deserved more romance, I guess. (I'm a little worried about her loosing self-control around Spoiler, but it was fun.)
Dr. Shippe is 100/10, my favorite character. Can we have him in your next game, please?
Thank you for your games, they were so much fun to play (Halloween Otome is still my favorite).

a review



I love Garret I love Garret I love Garret I love Garret I love Garret so much it hurts AaAAAaAAAaaaAAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAeeeeeeeEEeeeiiiiiiii

10/10, super great art, super great writing, super great LIs. Favorite game in the series so far. Can't wait for the future installments of Holiday Otome!!!


Hope you guys are doing okay Synokoria! I miss you guys >.<VN scene aint the same without ya. Would definitely financially support any future products you guys put out, your work deserves monetization! Stay safe out there and have a good Holiday season.!


I'm late to the party with playing this game for the first time just now, and I'm not yet fully done (missing a bad ending and the secret LI), but after crying at it for the umpteenth time, I thought it's time I come rave about it. Literally, I've cried like... 3 times per route? Sometimes in happiness, sometimes in sadness. Maybe it's because I'm binging this while I'm sick, but I've been so touched, feeling for all the boys. I love all of them, so so much! I'd had clear faves in Halloween and Valentines otome, but I really can't pick one boy here, not on first glance, and neither after finishing their routes. They are all just so sweet ;; and deserving of love. Also, Maia is the most relatable to me out of the heroines, as much as I loved playing as all three of them. I was about to type how much I love the LI's respective family members, and that made me realized how all of them have one as another focal relationship. That's what them makes so sweet, doesn't it? Dangerous for my heart, as Maia would say. Gosh, I love this game so much. The whole series, to be fair. Thank you guys for sharing such amazing stories with us, I'll be sure to stay tuned for whatever else you do in the future! (If you choose to, of course! But as other commenters said, it'd be nice to see a game starring Osiria! Or even Rayner :D Though I'd imagine his story to be... more queer?)

I was also speculating if you had headcanons for Ems's and Mira's partners when writing about them here? With Ems, there's still the choice of course. But with Mira, I can't imagine her able to drag his dutiful/workaholic LIs for two months of a second honeymoon, especially full of parties, I can only imagine Zane :D Though, Annabelle still appearing single seems to suggest otherwise... but maybe Maia's just not so observant. Or maybe I'm thinking too much on that, ahah. I just love the lore and cross-references so I was reading closely. Also couldn't help noticing a parallel among Kiron and Liam, in their attitude towards kids at least. Such sweet guys!

Sorry for that ramble, I really went off fangirling. My point is still, thank you for this game <3


I'm happy now. Garret's route was great    this is an awesome game

cameback to re play again. it take time but I love it


I loved this game just like the other installments I played. If I had to pick a favorite route out of all of them, I'd have to pick Garret. The other routes were enjoyable too. If there is any complaints I have is that the spoiler route leaves me wanting because of the CGs. Otherwise the spoiler route would be my favorite. Thank you for making yet another great otome game.

Does anyone know how to unlock the spoiler route? I tried but it wouldn't work.


Oh god,i really love all the 3 games of the series,but this one is crazily good.My favorite so far.thank you for the game.I cannot even describe how much i like this game,and i don't even played all the routes yet.


I am obsessed with the game. I wish there was more of an epilogue in terms of the Spoiler's route and what happens after he saves you-know-who. Nonetheless, I love this game just as much as everything else Synokoria has produced.

I'm salty about.. certain event.. that if I give away too many details, it'll be (kindda?) spoilish o-o I demand justice! There needs to be a fourth entry <.<

As much as Christmas is my thing, I think the Halloween entry is still my fave of the trio o-o

Of the guys.. have to say Mick is best fit for Maia.

For me.. I'd wanna pair with Garret o-o Tough softie <3 though I suppose.. I'd probably have a tough time liking him until he stops being so stiff and scary looking lol.


I've finally finished all the routes and comleted all endings~ I think Garret turned out to be my favorite, I like how he looks scary but is a total sweetheart with a golden heart. The time they spent reading together was so sweet. The way he cares about his father is touching. <3 Also, how he treats his former gang members was too cute. Second favorite would be Mik, I also really liked him. The relationship was so sweet, the way they were both passionate about the same thing is awesome. Also, the story with his twin was sooo good, I didn't expect it. My next fav was spoiler, I liked his mysterious distant persona but still being really caring. Last would be Liam bcs I'm not into the teacher-student relationship, it's fine now that they are older but still, Liam has a really cold side to him that I can't bypass. They both work out and seem happy in the end though. 

This MC was my least favorite of the series cause I was jealous of her brains lol. I remember I was dying in my last semester of CS, but Maia seems to have everything under control and even has free time. I can see how Mik was starstruck by her. I really liked Maia's conflict about returning home or staying and how that was resolved. The advice Mira gives Maia in each route was golden.

This game was so fun!! Will be on the lookout if any future games. I need to go replay Valentines Otome and Halloween Otome sometime soon. ^-^


Thank you for this game, it's amazing! I love the whole series. I just finished playing it, and i was wondering if you're going to make a fourth game, this one focused on Osiria, maybe with ReNo, Varan and Don as the partners (and maybe a mystery one too, it was an amazing idea here)?


Congratulation to the dev team. The story is interesting, characters are really well done. I’d rather like this gameplay than the stat management of the previous one ( But character buiding was even better in previous game [Valentine Otome] ).

I get lot of pleasure to read the 3 games of the series !!! Thanks a lot.

I really do recommend to play it.

(1 edit)

i keep failing liam's route...i can't get all of his dreamscape, it always stops at 3 then ending...anyone can help?


Have you bought all of the items related to him and seen those scenes? Prior to the route split/school closing, most of Liam's scenes require that it be a weekend to trigger due to his work+Cody but after that the requirements should relax a bit.

Dreamscapes from 4-5 require that you are already on his route and have seen certain events beforehand.

You can check the guide for more concrete requirements.

I hope this helps!

(1 edit)

i got the ending!! thank you very much!!! i love your work btw


I've been a fan of your games since Halloween Otome!

(1 edit) (+2)

I've been playing these games since the first one came out. I love your games, and I love the through story that links them. Somehow, though, this one is just not catching my attention very well. I've played Mick's route twice (first fail, second to win). I'm starting on another now. I don't dislike Mick or any of the other guys, but I don't get romantic feelings for them either. I also don't relate at all to this MC's decision-making style. I'm sure a lot of people will; for some reason, though, she's just bland to me. 

Will update if I change my mind later. I'm going to finish this game for the main story (I wanna solve the mystery!) and I'm definitely following what you guys do next. 

Edit: I finished the game. I still find Maia boring, especially compared to the other two heroines in the other games and Osiria (and her harem) in this game, but I love that you write unique MCs rather than generic ones. My favorite character in this game is definitely Dr. Shippe, because I loved House (and now I need to rewatch all 8 seasons). 

it's good to have a game like this again!!! I love love this one


After three long years, I am back. I had mostly forgotten about these kind of games, however this trilogy never left my mind for long. After three long years I am honored to get to see the completion of this game. I played each one, and my love continued to grow for them. A few months ago, before it was release, I found myself being nostalgic and played though the other two games. Words can not describe how amazing this has turned out to be. Just as with the other two, the story is beyond amazing, probable better. Free games with good content are scarce I'm this day and age. Words simply can not compare to the beauty of this game. It truly blew the others out of the water, which I didn't think was even possible. It was difficult to calculate how to best go so that I would get to see every cutscene, but it wasn't overly difficult to the point I was straining myself. The guide is admittedly a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it it is easy to navigate. The only word for it is perfect. I knew three years ago that this game was going to be special, and I was disheartened when it started to feel like the project might have been abandoned. So you can see how shocked and overjoyed I was when I discovered it had been released. I am simply at a loss for words right now. To the creators, you are amazing people who deserve the world. There are only a few games that I would consider perfect, and somehow all three of your games are on this list, along with Our Life, Cinderella Phenomenon, and Mystic Messenger. I have always disliked how overpriced good otome game are, and you have truly proven that you don't need to spend $20 plus to have a game that is truly amazing. To anyone who is considering playing this game, I first suggest you to play the other two first, that being Halloween followed by Valentines.

                 ~ With eternal love and praise



GOSH!!!!!! Honestly, your work is always so amazing! I was literally jumping in the air when I saw this come out!! <3

There's not many visual novels out there that can get me to fall in love with every suitor, but homie, you have never failed. I love the depth and just AAAA I love all four of the bachelors!!! And the storytelling is just *chefs kiss* beautiful!! I love your work and you never cease amaze!! <33


Y E S S S!!

Have played all routes. Gotten all endings and fallen in love a full four times XDXD Your games are the only ones in which I ALWAYS fall in love with Every Single Bachelor... Thank you. 

Am just missing one CG and am getting increasingly frustrated, but hey. At least I made it.

Any help?

The CG I'm talking about is on the 5th page of the CG screen and the second down on the left collumn... Or the first one on the second row down, I guess XD


That sounds like the sandcastle CG. To get it you must be raising the romance/melting level of both Liam and Mick and then meet both of them at the beach on a weekend before the route choice. A prerequisite is to have already met Mick at the beach.

Thank you so much!! I'll get right to it!

Thanks for an amazing game! Speaking of CGs, could you help with the last CG on page 5? (Third down on the right column.) 

That's a missable CG related to the spoiler character. You need to go the park when he's about 4-5 parts melted. There might be some Garret or Mick scenes that have higher priority but once you've done them, you should see his symbol there if the requirements are complete. (If you need further help, check out the guide for the only scene spoiler gets at the park)

Got it... Thanks a lot! :)



Thank you so much. I first played the Valentines otome and am looking forward to catch glimpses of that badass MC here, as well as fall in love with a bunch of bois alllll over again. THANK YOU!


I was waiting for this game, and wow. Pao de açucar in background. like a brazilian fan, I loved it. Thanks for this amazing game. I am playing, so after I will write down a review in portuguese.


Holy moly, the full version is out <3

(6 edits) (+1)

I can't get the Spoiler's good ending. The other guys were no issues at all. There's still that chunk of ice by his feet every time, and I have played through this route seven times now (edit: 12 now). I've watched the sun go down today trying to get his good ending. 

I've followed the guide to a T. I got all 4 items for the route and flower scenes (early on before the cut off time for them). I got the park scene. I've done all the gray symbols. I've done everything I can every time his symbol comes up and still am not getting a Christmas gift.

EDIT: Okay, so I think I got it now. It actually triggered on the SIXTH time of me entering the dreamscape, not the fifth as I assumed to mean from the guide. I also was not sure if you meant going into his dreamscape or doing the gray symbol events (like when the game symbol comes up during investigating or when talking to Osiria and stuff) so I split between doing the two. Finalllyyy got it down. 


Yep - 6th time, because you must have seen the grey dreamscape >4 (i.e 5) times at minimum during that playthrough first.

Congrats on getting the ending!

Deleted 1 year ago

Liam is a bit harder because - due to his job + Cody he can only be found at certain places during the weekends during the day/afternoon before school closes.

For the Liam/Mick Beach scene you have to advance Mick's scenes quite fast (so that you would have seen him at the beach) with enough time to have another weekend morning to trigger the scene. And still enough time to trigger the jealousy scene between them if you want that too>_>

Jealousy requires that they both have high romance/melting (and spoiler: will force you to choose between them and refreeze/lock the other).

Both of these scenes have a cut off of the day Osiria asks who you like so it's usually easier to trigger one chain of jealousy events at a time than try to raise the levels of the 3 boys simultaneously. (Also because watching one will  lock one of the guys and thus make another combination impossible)

Hope this helps!

Deleted 1 year ago

May I ask if you ended up getting the scene? I'm on like my 3rd or 4th attempt focusing just on Liam and Mick & I keep not being able to trigger the Liam_Mick_Beach scene until the 27th so there's not enough time for the Jealousy one before the route choice. I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. 


The one and only true route is Dr. Shippe. Sadly, it has not been written. 


Hahaha! I actually thought he might be the "secret route". Maybe in the next game, lol! 


I thought so too, since the symbols are primarily in the hospital, but since Maia described him as a middle-aged man, I realized it wasn't him XD


Omg, he was amazing XDXD Am still wishing for Rayner to appear as a love interest some time <3

Also, how do you rate the game? I haven't been in itch for a while and I can't remembee how to rate anything hehe

On the right of your screen, whevever you're on a game page, you will see a bunch of text buttons. Click on "Rate this game" and there you go.


Finished everything in the game now and I must say that I love it very very much.

The writing is just so angsty and fluffy and oh so romantic <3 and the LIs are just so lovable. Out of all of them though, my favorite would have to be Mikhail. While I can definitely see her loving all of the LIs and they loving her back, it's definitely with Mikhail that I think she is best suited for. I mean, they can be simping together, be an absolute fangirl/fanboy together, and be crying together. While being both introverted gamers who would rather spend time in front of the computer, they bring each other out of their comfort zones such as the in the party. She sees his worth and he sees her worth. I can see them have a fun and sweet relationship built on friendship and growing more together through the years. 


And also, come on that snow scene with Mikhail was so beautiful! Out of all the LIs, his snow CG was the most beautiful. It just seems so poetic to me that they are holding each other's hands while in their dreams. Actually them touching each other is just so cute, I mean when Mikhail said he wanted more hugs in his triangle scene, held out his pinky to promise they would never sacrifice each other, hugging each other for comfort, and him being dazed by the cheek kiss... I nearly combusted then and there.  

I love yhe other LIs but Mikhail is definitely my alltime favorite.


*Mild spoilers*

In each of the three Holiday Otome games (so far?), I've felt like one of the love interests is THE ONE for each of the MCs, and while I play all of the routes for completion's sake, there's always that one that just feels the most right. For Emma it was Erik, for Mira it was Daire, and for Maia it's definitely Mick.

Garret is a sweetheart and Liam is...tall? A good father? I don't know, I'm trying to be nice, but MICK!

They're IT gamer best friends and lovers and every single second of their story was perfect. Maia and Mick are OTP.

For fun: if Emma was the MC, I'd partner her with Garret, and if Mira was the MC, I'd partner her with Liam. 

A great addition to a fun series. I haven't done the secret route yet, so off to do that now. 

Ahhh I agree with you so much, I too think Mikhail is the best boy for her~


i wonder if this is the end of the series since it tells the tales of the three besties. will you make more that are similar because these games honestly helped me when i was lonely and stuff. thank so much

(2 edits)

Does anyone know how to get Mr Suit romance ending? The Cursed item, work on him. Is there a guide for Mr Suit romance ending?

Guide will be released a week after the game's release. If you cannot wait, you can always join the discord for some tips from those who have completed it :)


Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT the Ending romance to Mr Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!  I dont need a guide and I got all four ending romance!!!!  -HappyDance- :P :)


Hi, I don't know why but when I try to install the full version it's always download the Demo version instead, I made sure I clicked the right download version so I don't understand why x3

That is strange. When you open it and go to the preferences Menu -> Help -> About, what version does it say?

when I open the game it says it's the demo version and here is a screenshot of the download options when I click on the Download Full game button on Itch.io app

(1 edit)

I see there's a drop down arrow there at install - can you see if there are any other options besides the demo? I'm not sure why, but it does show up if you click the gear/settings instead of instal 

(1 edit)

Oh wait - I think it's fixed now. Just took a while to show up for some reason.

Yes it's showing now! thank you, I can't wait to play it! :D

Are you using the Itch app? Because I have (and had) the same problem, and it usually works if you go to the website directly. 

Yes I'm using the app, I tried downloading it on chrome after and I was able to download it there :)

Woaah, I played Liam, Garret and Mick's route in that sequence and loved all the routes. Liam was my favorite in the demo even though he wasn't really nice. I still like him but was so pleasantly surprised by Garret and Mick. I was not prepared for Mick's route, so heartwretching. The boy needs many hugs! All time favorite Garret though, such a sweetheart and sweettalker. swwoooooon. 

Mick is definitely the best! I wasn't expecting the guys to have such heavy life problems, but they were all really interesting. I can't help but feel that Maia is a bit too young for some of the routes.

I've seen every ending except Mick's bad end (don't have it in me to hurt him like that), and I really enjoyed it! Definitely not as hard as Valentine's Otome. I also didn't expect Mira to give such sound advice haha.


Just did some ends and I gotta say, Mikhail and Maia have such good chemistry! And as for Garrett, I really like how he starts reading books along with his jock self. 

Not sure if I like Liam though. I think Maia deserves better. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I've been excited about this game ever since you announced it coming out, especially because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I've only played Mick's route so far (and got the bad end 😭😭), but it's been amazing!

Maia is an interesting MC, especially with her struggles of feeling like a side character. Out of the three protagonists, she is the most similar to me (personality wise and with the thing for blonde guys) . In her relationships with the other non-LI characters, you get the sense of her being well-loved and connected with the world you created.

As for the love interests, Liam seems interesting but after that rejection, I have to leave him for last 'cause oof that was rough (not to mention relatable)... Garret seems like an absolute sweetheart and I'm going after him next, he will most likely be my favorite. Mick caught my eye because of the hot and cold thing, I figured out pretty quickly what was going on, but it was funny watching Maia be clueless. The dream sequences were one of the best parts, even though they felt a bit invasive at times, especially with how much Mick beats himself up in them. It was a good thing that Maia doesn't remember the dreams but the players do.

Will there be a guide coming out soon? This is my first time playing without one, and I have to say I'm struggling.

Thank you for making such a funny and interesting game (the manager is my favorite side character, what a guy), sending you all my love 💌💌💌


Glad to hear you're enjoying it even with the bad end! 

We're planning to release the guide in a week.


I love this series and I can't wait to start studying for this part, although no, I will, despite my english (by my standards). Although it is premature, but I want to congratulate you on the next (as I hope) and I hope to see Osiria as the main character in the next series.

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