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Our renameable MC (Ettie) transmigrates into an RPG Otome, where the main plot is surrounded by tragedy and countless deaths. Since she's a side character, she figures the safest bet would be to romance and marry one of the NPCs that are guaranteed to survive until the end. But there's one snag - all NPCs in this game were depicted as silhouettes, which is still true in this world! Our MC has no clue what she or even the LIs look like, but she's not letting that stop her! Nope, she's gonna carve out her own little romcom amidst all this drama even if it kills her - wait, no - the aim is to avoid death! Avoid the main plot with all your might!

Main Characters:


  • 23K+ words
  • 15 CGs
  • 2 Love Interests
  • 5 Ends
  • The ability to change fonts
  • Voice Acting!
  • A full list of credits is available from the main menu (includes links)
  • Android version available! (Warning: may not run on lower-end phones)

Streams and Let's Plays are allowed and encouraged!

Please note that the views expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of the development team. Our goal is to provide readers with a clear understanding of the themes and content in the story so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to read it should they not wish to encounter any of the above-mentioned.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(99 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Fantasy, isekai, josei, Otome, otome-jam-2023, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksBlog, Support, Community


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Silhouette (Otome) MAC 494 MB
Silhouette (Otome) Android APK 544 MB

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This is one of my favorite games on itch.io. It's definitely up there with the Our Life series. I love how the routes are separated and how relatable Ettie is. <3


Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for making this one! I really love this type of isekai and I'm sick of the mainstream stuffs. This is such a unique idea for an otome game. Usually you play it for the art and the story, but here only focusing on the the story telling. I love how you called out all the isekai genres for being uncreative lol

what happens when you’ve got the creators both reading waaayy too much isekai 🤣. But yes! Forward the game on to all your isekai loving buddies 😘


the one of these things reference got me laughing


I loved this! Such a fantastic game and I genuinely cried once or twice. 


AHH why was that so cute. 😭❤️ I wish it had more chapters or more love interest, because I need more of this cuteness ❤️

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"Content warning:
References to having and raising children"

What?? lol)))


Some people are really squicked by the idea so we figured if we're going to do content warnings we might as well add it in.


As a mother of 3 children I find this warning offensive!


I don't have children but this warning is bothering me too since I might have kids in the future(and we all once were kids if you think). Makes it seem like having children is something bad/disgusting/disturbing e t.c...


Sadly this warning was only added in after a few complaints in one of our other game had someone pregnant in one of the possible routes. Normally we wouldn’t have content warnings to begin with but jam rules this time. TBH I don’t know how that even is a content warning (I didn’t make the warnings and didn’t actually see it til now 😅) so I can 100% understand the WTH. But yeah apparently it’s because we had a few ppl like “ugh like perfect life can’t have no kids” and were so terribly put off from even the idea of pregnancy that they wanted a warning next time. Sorry if it upset you though. 

Tem em português??

Unfortunately not, but if anyone wants to translate it into other languages, we would welcome it.

Google translate: Infelizmente não, mas se alguém quiser traduzi-lo para outros idiomas, será bem-vindo


It was fun playing, I got all 5 endings and I'll be honest at first I thought there was gonna be an extremely bad ending but all of the five endings were really nice. Although Pinkie only appeared abit I really liked her and I'm loving the reason to why she speed up finishing the game, cause honestly I'd do the same.


Extremely cute! Honestly such a fun game absolutely packed full of personality.

The writing is very fun, with a casual relatable tone. The game is packed full of fun references and comments, as you might expect given the premise! The dialogue and banter is excellent, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I loved all the characters. Ettie has very humorous internal dialogue, and is a woman on a mission! The two LIs are both extremely charming, and are very different in such a way as to contrast each other nicely. Both are extremely likable and have lots of cute and sweet moments! The voice acting was fantastic. (Jacks voice especially was lovely)

I loved the concept of romancing a character who you can't see, and felt that was portrayed in a neat way both in text and in visuals - I loved the galaxy effect on the silhouettes. I also really enjoyed the side characters, they were a fun addition. I enjoyed all the endings, and liked the direction the branches went. I liked the extras as well - while Ettie may not want to know anyone's backstories, I definitely did!

I played on Android, and the game ran well and was easy to read and work with! It did get a little laggy during the scene near the end with animated effects, which was understandable. (The animated effects were super cool!)


Been meaning to find a chance to play through this since it released and I finally did it today!!!! I know I can always count on Synokoria to deliver some quality storytelling with just the right amount of humor and angst òwó I loved this so much!!!!!!

Also I accidentally friendzoned Derrick on every choice in my first playthrough just by going with my natural reaction in that situation so I had to do his route 3 times lmao

Is there any walkthough?


oh this was SO fun to play omg the concept is so fresh and i really enjoyed all of the endings !! the second endings for both of them specifically caught them off guard in such a good way its my favorite trope that's barely done thank u so much ,,

i love both of them so much and their appearances are so fitting it captures their personalities perfectly LMFAOO ettie is also such a fun character and i enjoy the dynamic she has with both of them !! thank you so much for your amazing work on this !!

also might i just add but pinkie's reason for speedrunning the whole saintess thing was so incredibly funny and relatable to me 


I created an account just to leave a comment here.
I really love and enjoyed the game. I've got all endings and all were great. I was really star stuck when I saw Pinkie, she's so pretty!!!
The dialogues and the voicing were really good even the other NPCs were really fun.

That's all, I'm just here to say that I love the game so much <3


the best sort of compliment - when someone wants to leave a nice review 💖 Glad you enjoyed it. Spread the love to friends who like the isekai genre 😉

I can't unlock Jack and Derrick's ending 2, anyone can help me? :(

have you tried clicking “it’s what I want” when you choose whether you wanted to go or stay? Because if you managed to get the good ending where you stay - should be easy to get the go ending in one hit if you save at that choice point.


That was fun! I enjoyed both LIs!

Idk if it's just me, but Jack's END 1 in extra doesn't seem to unlock? Not a big deal though.

I'm glad there were extra notes about the characters to confirm my understanding.


Before Derrick's face reveal, I was thinking- "he's definitely blonde" 😂


We updated the build a little while ago to take care of that actually!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Got all five endings :)!!! It was really good and the writing and voice acting was phenomenal. The easy going slice-of-life style romances were a breathe of fresh air considering that the more dramatic stories tend to be more popular.


When I first came into this game I did not expect to feel everything I've felt. I can assure you, Derrick is officially one of my husbandos. And Jack? Well, he's not far off~

Both stories were so well written, and the characters are so charming... I really fell for them, I loved them a lot! Also the voices... THE VOICES! God, I love them, but like I felt THINGS with Jack's voice I did not anticipate. Props to all the VAs really, it super enhanced the experience!

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I fell in love with a silhouette named Derrick. I was grinning the whole time. I wasn't willing to see what I thought was the bad end by saying she wanted to return to the real world until I finished Jack's happy ending.  And then it turns out our love can Isekai our chosen man to us ❤️

Wait: a 5th ending?!

yeah - 5th ending is when you choose mainly wrong options.


The twist that everyone is a silhouette had me so intrigued, that I had to play it right away and finish it in one sitting. Love me a transmigration story. The MC, Ettie, was such a delight that I couldn't help but laugh at her inner monologue and even cried during her lowest points. The side characters were hilarious too, and with everyone fully voiced, it brought out everyone's personalities. 

I played Derrick's first, then Jack. I grew to like them both a lot. Derrick is such a cutie especially when he's flustered. Jack's voice was so soothing, ugh. 

I need more! More time with the characters, expand the world building, seeing the happy life with the couple!

Thanks for making this delightful game!

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Glad you enjoyed the routes. Definitely kudos to all the VA’s 💖 It was a 2 month jam so definitely couldn’t expand more but you could read a bit of trivia in the extras section. Not much but something.

Just seeing their silhouette really makes me so curious who's behind


Play and you may see 👀 🤣

jack <333


Loved this! I just couldn't put it down. I ended up playing it all in one sitting on my phone. I did have a little chugginess, but pretty much expected that and it was never so bad that it was immersion breaking. I look forward to adding this to my list of repeat plays just like the holiday otomes. I think Derrick was my favorite, but honestly it was so close. And, as usual, I genuinely appreciate that Ettie is an established adult woman and not a high school girl.


it’s good to know it can play ok on a phone -I didn’t have the chance to test that. But yes all the animations that Cory dumped in would’ve definitely made it chuggy 🙈. Still glad you enjoyed it


I loved this so much!! First of all, kudos to all the voice actors, the performances where AMAZING, and it really gave a lot of life to the game!! It was a fantastic decision as well, since I don't think the story would have had as much impact without the voiced characters. The way it was done fit perfectly!!

The concept of falling in love with a silhouette was also so unique and creative!! It really makes you focus on the guys' personalities from the get go rather than making you choose solely on their looks. It's something I've never seen before and I loved the way it was done!! 

Ettie, Derrick and Jack are all great characters. I especially loved Ettie and Derrick and Derrick's route was my favorite. He's super sweet and, no joke, the climax part made me tear up djkgbjksb.

The thing I loved the most about this game is this whole concept of "it's the little things".  As Ettie puts it, she wanted the story to be a romcom, and a romcom it was indeed! But a romcom can have deep moments as well, and I think that was done really well! The stories are simple, but deep at the same time. There's no mega drama or action anywhere cause it doesn't need it, it's a story about the little things. About getting to know someone and enjoying the pleasure in the seemingly mundane, that, at the end of the day, is really what's most special and important. 

Thank you for making such a beautiful game <3


agreed! The VA’s really did bring more life to such a short romcom. I’m glad you enjoyed it✨


ahh, i've had such a good time playing this game. i laughed so many times and cried near both endings (i'm weak okay). both of the love interest were so likeable but i genuinely loved mc's personality the most!! incredible work<3

love the bracketed confession 😂 but I understand. Sometimes I’m randomly more sensitive for no reason and can tear up at the littlest things too. Glad you like the MC ✨


As always, an amazing play! I especially loved how you guys amped up the animations for a more life like experience!

And DONT GET ME STARTED on the voice acting!! All of it was amazing, but the male side character always joking around was my #1 fav!


Yeah Cory did an amazing job with the animations 🤣 and YES the VA’s were 💖


Perfect ! 

This game was as great as the teasers and the trailer let it guess.

The stories were engaging.

And I definitely fell for Jack. I was hyped for his whole stpry, he is such a gentle soul. Even without seeing him I would have fallen for him. The teasing part from NPCs was really cute.

Derrick was my second play and I laugh a lot at how he could be a little exasperated by the blindness of our MC. The NPCs verifying if she wasn't colorblind was perfect ah, ah. 

And Kippy, we saw Kippy ! You could totally create a game for the glory of Kippy and we would play it just for its cuteness.

I loved all the endings. I'm just a little sad we couldn't wait it's spoilery but I don't know how to hide it so just go the next paragraph for people not wanting to know see our MC. And I'm a little surprised at the kack of informations we have on our LIs even though some clues tell us we could know more. But you definitely cover that part with the logic of our MC on this specific topic so nice cover ! And I will just add that phrase for people not wanting spoilery loose phrases but still.

Seriously you guys did a great job ! The graphics (and the fact the shadows look like starry knigts) are beautiful, the story is definitely intriguing there are some twists we don't expect, the details of the NPCs and their stories, and obviously our two LIs. Bravo. You really created something amazing.

I can't recommend that game enough. Play it people !! You won't regret it !

Ps : I will probably post another comment in a few days to talk about the looks of our two LIs just to give my first impressions but let's some players find out for themselves. Their appearances are more than nice by the way ! <3

there’s game trivia about the ML’s in the extra section if you’ve completed both routes 👀

Thank you for the info. I can finally learn everything about them even though our MC didn't want to know ~. And of course it was Erik and Mr Suit my 2 big favorites (I admit I thought about them seeing our LIs ah, ah; there is definitely a mafia vibe with Jack) <3


I’m so hyped for this game you have no idea! When Synokoria are the team who are developing the game, you just know it’s going to be amazing!

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A new game from Synokoria ? It's gonna be amazing !!!!!!!!

I can't wait to play it ! Their stories are always enjoyable and let's be honest ROs & NPCs are always great to meet.

Plus the setting for this new game makes me really curious.

Derrick & Jack are different and I'm really excited to see the developpement of their stories.

AaaaaaaAAAAaaaAAAAHHHhhhhHHHH so exciting !!!


This sounds intriguing. I love all your games. Can't wait :D


Oh boy, can't wait to transmigrate into an otome game as Villager A and marry an NPC to escape the plot but everyone is a silhouette


I'm ready for an adventure!




Very exciting for this concept!! Reminds me a little of how Surviving Romance was in the beginning (with the silhouettes). 

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This sounds like a really interesting concept.

Also... lmao guys like Derrick XD I tend to be weak for that type. Liking Ettie's personality too.

And Jack ayy I really like the mystery in his profile


This looks both intriguing and funny! I'm not sure how sound Ettie's marriage logic is since the married off characters usually get killed 😭😭. But I'm never saying no to flirting with (presumably) hot guys. Jack sounds the most interesting so far to me. Can't wait to see what sorts of shenanigans Ettie will get up to. I have loved every game of yours so I don't doubt that I will love this one too. Much love to you!!